Schedule and Event Details

Registration is now OPEN!

Deadline to register is April 28th, Walk-ins also welcome on the date of the event. Tickets at the door are $20

Prices at the door:

  • Day sessions are $20
  • Concert is $15
    • The concert is free with NUID

Pre-registration prices:

  • Day sessions are free
  • Lunch is $10
  • Concert is $10
    • The concert is free with NUID

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Program: Monday, May 8, 2017

  • 8:30 a.m. Coffee and pastry in Raytheon Amphitheatre  first floor: Egan Engineering/Science Research Center
  • 9:00 Introduction in Raytheon Amphitheatre 
  • 9:15–11:15 Session 1 in Raytheon Amphitheatre — Origins and Evolution

o   Sacred chant – traditional origin myths and historical evidence
o   Evolution of transmission from orality to notation to audio recording — what’s gained and what’s lost
o   The impact of migration and acculturation

  • 11:30 Roundtable in Raytheon Amphitheatre — Contemporary Challenges

o   Who is qualified to read? (issues of gender, age, competence)
o   Retaining traditional chant in the liturgy of the 21st century

  • 12:30 Catered lunch for presenters and pre-registered attendees (440 Egan)
  • 1:30–3:30 Session 2 in Raytheon Amphitheatre — Reception of Cantillation

o   Chant and congregational reception/communion
o   Performance as revelation and reenactment
o   The pedagogy of cantillation

  • 3:45–5:45 Session 3 in Raytheon Amphitheatre — The Sacred Text and Its Interpretation

o   What is the relationship between text and tune?
o   Why are these texts chanted and not merely spoken aloud?
o   Is cantillation “singing” or “reading”?
o   How much improvisation is involved in cantillation? How much virtuosity?