Listen to the Recordings

Here you can enjoy the recordings of all of the event sessions by our impressive symposium speakers.

Session 1 – Origins and Evolution

Joshua Jacobson on Cantillation in the Jewish Tradition

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Cantors Richard Barrett and Grammenos Karanos – The Use of the Psalter in Greek Orthodox Chant


Cantor Dr. Brian Mayer -The-Immutable Songs from Sinai and Their Mutations


Reflections, Q&A


Roundtable Discussion: Contemporary Challenges

Part 1


Part 2

Session 2- Reception of Cantillation

Dr Mehmet Sanlikol – A Turkish contribution to the world of Islam; the tradition and chanting of the Mevlid


Prof Ali Asani – Communing with the Transcendent through Sacred Sound; Experiencing the Quran as aural-oral text


Prof Jennifer Donelson – The Clerical State and Cantillation; An Ontological Perspective


Reflection, Q&A


Session 3- The Sacred Text and Its Interpretation

Joshua Jacobson – The Tune Interprets the Text


Cantor Richard Barrett – The Tension Between Music and Words in Byzantine Chant


Rabbi Dr Jeff Summit – The Meaning and Experience of Biblical Chant


Reflection, Q&A