Prof. Marsella’s article featured in Communications of the ACM

Thursday, November 20th, 2014

Professor Stacy C. Marsella’s new paper “Computationally modeling human emotion” was published Communications of the ACM as one of the contributed articles. The paper mainly talked about that computer models of emotion inform theories of human intelligence and advance human-centric applications.

Key Inside:

  • Processes akin to emotion are required by any intelligent entity facing a dynamic, uncertain, and social environment.
  • Psychological theories of emotion (such as appraisal theory) can serve as an architectural specification for machines that aim to recognize, model, and simulate human affect.
  • Realizing psychological theories as working computational models advances science by forcing concreteness, revealing hidden assumptions, and creating dynamic artifacts that can be subject to empirical study.

The full article could be find here. The PDF version could be downloaded here.