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Study Basics

Parents – Is your child between 8-10 years old and interested in virtual reality? If so, they may be eligible to participate in a research study determining the effects of physical activity on learning in a virtual reality environment. Compensation provided.

Study Purpose

The ClassVR study is investigating the effects of physical activity on learning in a virtual reality environment in children between the ages of 8-10. This study will use cognitive, learning, and attentional measurements along with fitness tests to examine the relationship between exercise and classroom performance. The virtual reality environment is used in this study to apply research methods to a real-world situation to more accurately gather information about the learning benefits provided by exercise. The results from this study could help to shape scientific-based policy and health care recommendations for physical activity during the academic school day.

Could this study be right for you?

  • Is your child between the ages of 8-10?
  • Is your child interested in virtual reality?
  • Is your child interested in participating in research?
  • AGE: 8 - 10
  • VISITS: One 1.5-hour virtual session and three 2-hour lab sessions.
  • LOCATION: Center for Cognitive and Brain Health

ClassVR is examining the relationship between acute exercise and learning in a virtual reality environment in children ages 8-10. We will collect a battery of cognitive, fitness, and learning measures. Participants will complete one 2-hour session and two 1.5-hour sessions. THIS STUDY IS NOW OPEN FOR RECRUITMENT!

Please call 617-906-6594 or email to set up a 15-minute screening appointment to see if your child qualifies for this study.

What participants can expect

  • Virtual Session
    • 1.5-hour long virtual session in which the child will answer questions and complete a standardized test.
  • Session 1
    • During the first session in the lab, the child will complete an array of activities which include questionnaires, standardized testing, cognitive tasks, and learning about an educational topic while immersed in a virtual reality experience. The child will also complete an exercise test which involves safely running on a treadmill while wearing a heart rate monitor and a mask which collects data on aerobic fitness. This session will take about 2 hours total.
  • Sessions 2 and 3
    • During sessions 2 and 3 in the lab, the child will either exercise by walking on a treadmill or read quietly. They will answer questions about feelings and emotions, learn about a new topic in a virtual reality classroom, take a quiz on what they learned, and complete more cognitive tasks on the computer. These sessions will take about 2 hours each.

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