Publications by Dr. Charles Hillman Ph.D.

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Articles in Press

  • Syväoja, H. J., Kankaanpää, A., Kallio, J., Hakonen, H., Kulmala, J., Hillman, C. H., Pesonen, A.-K., Tammelin, T. H. (in press). The relation of physical activity, sedentary behaviors and academic achievement are mediated by fitness and bedtime. Journal of Physical Activity and Health.
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  • Raine, L. B., Khan, N. A., Drollette, E. S., Pontifex, M. B., Kramer, A. F., & Hillman, C. H. (in press). Obesity, visceral adipose tissue, and cognitive function in childhood. The Journal of Pediatrics.
  • Bugge, A., Moller, S., Tarp, J., Hillman, C. H., Lima, R. A., Gejl, A. K., & Wedderkopp, N. (in press). Influence of a two to six year physical education intervention on scholastic performance; The CHAMPS study-DK. Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports.
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  • Felez-Nobrega, M., Foster, J. L., Puig-Ribera, A., & Hillman, C. H. (in press). Measuring working memory in the Spanish population: validation of a multiple shortened complex span task. Psychological Assessment.
  • Barnett, S. M., Khan, N. A., Raine, L. B., Moulton, C., Cohen, N. J., Kramer, A. F., Hammond Jr., B. R., Renzi- Hammond, L., & Hillman, C. H. (in press). Macular pigment optical density is positively associated with academic performance among preadolescent children. Nutritional Neuroscience.
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  • Hassevoort, K., Khazoum, S. E., Walker, J. A., McCorkle, S. M., Raine, L. B., Hammond, B. R., Renzi-Hammond, L. M., Kramer, A. F., Khan, N. A., Hillman, C. H., & Cohen, N. J. (in press). Macular carotenoids, aerobic fitness, and central adiposity are differentially associated with hippocampal-dependent relational memory in preadolescent children. The Journal of Pediatrics.
  • Felez-Nobrega, M., Hillman, C. H., Cirera-Viñolas, E., & Puig-Ribera, A. (in press). The association of context-specific sitting time and physical activity intensity to working memory capacity and academic achievement in young adults. European Journal of Public Health.
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