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Games and Learning Alliance: Network of Excellence for Serious Games
Triadic Game Design
Balancing Reality, Meaning and Play

The workshop consists of a flexible format and can be adjusted in several ways. Below I give some suggestions:

  1. One theme: several times I have applied the workshop in which a theme was already known. Instead of handing out the domain cards, everybody has to use this theme. Alternatively, many more domains can be thought of that can be picked from (same is true for the value and genre cards).
  2. Change order: the order in which the assignments are done can easily be changed. Let them, for example, first design a game and then consider how this needs to be adjusted after receiving the other assignments.
  3. Make choosing public: instead of drawing blindly, groups can choose openly. This decreases creative thinking but may lead to more sensible designs.
  4. Extend it: instead of a half day, the workshop can be extended to days, weeks, or even months. It would especially be great to let groups actually develop their concepts. When doing this, the idea of Triadic Game Design makes most sense, because the tensions become even more visible. With a concept many problems become not visible.
  5. Use external judges: like American Idols or Britain's Got Talent but then with games. This works and is especially a great way to save time if you are in a hurry.
  6. Create multidisciplinary teams: make sure each team has people with different backgrounds.