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Triadic Game Design
Balancing Reality, Meaning and Play

Levee Arcader is a very simplified version of Levee Patroller. Compared to the original game it has been downsized to a small area of levees that need to be inspected. In addition, players don't need to examine failures extensively over time. They simply need to mark and define them. And they need to do this as fast as possible, because the goal of the game is to find as many failures within 3 minutes.

The name refers to "arcade games": simple, easy, and fast-paced games that one could play on coin-operated machines in the old days and nowadays on emulators or virtual consoles. The game was specifically designed to be used at seminars and conferences but found later application in schools and museums. The picture shows a setup at the Nemo Science Center in Amsterdam.

You can play Levee Arcader on Android or iOS.