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Games and Learning Alliance: Network of Excellence for Serious Games
Triadic Game Design
Balancing Reality, Meaning and Play

As part of my Ph.D. research I set up an evaluation study of using Levee Patroller. Before the start of the study, one of the questions we had was how to actually set up a training with a game. Eventually I came up with the idea to organize a training of three weeks with a start and end meeting. In between the participants would play two exercises per week at home. In total I trained 145 people from three different organizations this way.

Data was gathered with interviews before and after the training, pre and post questionnaires during the two meetings, and observations. Game data and in-game questionnairres after each exercise were collected via the Internet. Participants who fully participated would play eight exercises (two at the meetings and six at home). Each exercise would last for about one hour. In total 70% of the participants fully participated. About 10% played four or five exercises at home, making it to roughly a total of 80% who participated very well.

Futher analysis and results of this study is described in my dissertation. A synopsis of the results is described in a book chapter.