Due to the high volume of e-mails, I may not always respond immediately to requests. If you are interested in staying in touch, please send me a LinkedIn request. If you like to stay up to date on my work, I post the occasional tweet and you can follow me on Twitter.

Prospective PhD Students and Postdocs

If you are interested in my work, send me an e-mail with your CV and a brief description of your interests. I can (co-)supervise PhD students in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or Industrial Engineering. I welcome a wide variety of Postdoc candidates, from those with a background in Human-Computer Interaction and Psychology to those in Public Policy and Learning Science. Previous experience with games is not required but preferable. Both PhD acceptance and Postdoc positions are contingent on funding.

Visiting Scholars

I have hosted various visiting scholars and welcome suggestions for a visit. Generally, the summer (May-August) is the best time for a visit–and not just because of the weather! A visit of at least two months is preferable.  Note that for non-US residents it will take at least three months to process a visa so some advance planning is required.

Undergraduate and Master Students

My work has been made possible by many undergraduate and master students, both from Northeastern and outside of Northeastern. I will work with you to find a project that appeals to your interests and give you the opportunity to work in an interdisciplinary research team in designing and evaluating games. Additionally, I will involve you in working on publications. I seek students with expertise in research methods (qualitative and/or quantitative), programming, art, narrative, and music. If you are interested, send me your resume and portfolio (if applicable), and indicate what you are interested in. Paid positions are contingent on funding.

Academic Collaborations

I am open to new academic collaborations, especially if they complement the current projects I am working on. My intention is to publish all my software as open source and make my data available so others can contribute and expand on my work. While this is in process, feel free to reach out to me so you can get engaged earlier. I am further interested in strategic partnerships. It takes an entire community to transform how we learn and study and I am interested in building this community through special issues, workshops, and large-scale projects.


I am open to short and long-term consultancy projects. I have worked with various companies in the past to advise on developing serious games generally, or the games they are developing specifically. I have also used my triadic game design workshop to introduce serious game design to employees and to brainstorm game design concepts.