21st Century Brazil

Summer 2 

The Brazilian Coast Dialogue

 A Study Of the Portuguese Language And The Cultural Layers Of An Up-And- Coming Northeast State In Brazil: Perspectives Of Economic Development And Environmental Sustainability Of a Paradise Cultural Hub.


Summer 2


Destination: The city of Maceio is the capital and the largest city of the coastal state Alagoas in Brazil. Located in the northeast coast of Brazil, Maceio stands out for its lush, well-preserved beauty and its rich northeastern culture. Surrounded by coconut palms, mangroves and the beautiful sea, the city strives to preserve its environment while welcoming sustainable economic development.  With approximately one million inhabitants, Maceio is one of the most beautiful environmental centers in Brazil. The entire coastline presents a showcase of palm trees that give a magical touch to the stunning scenery. Some of the beaches are still primitive, sometimes green and sometimes blue, to the delight of the human eye.

As the capital of Alagoas, Maceio has a privileged location. With 15 beaches, Maceio stands out in the national and international scenery not only by the lush beauty of its beaches, the reefs forming natural pools, and the multitude of palm trees complete the idyllic setting, but also by its efforts to preserve and maintain the environment.

The city began as an old sugar mill and plantation complex around the 19th century. Its development started with the arrival of ships taking wood from Jaraguá Bay. Maceió is a port city and due to its port development, about 200 years ago it changed from a village into a city. 



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