RNA Dynamics: Structure prediction and dynamics

This one-day workshop provides a combination of interactive discussions and hands-on workshops on computational simulations of RNA structure and dynamics. Computational methods spanning a range of levels of detail will be introduced along with their comparative strengths and weaknesses – ranging from 2D bioinformatics models, to coarse-grained and explicit-solvent atomistic models. Connections with experimental data such as SHAPE chemical probing, NMR chemical shifts, and neutron scattering will be emphasized.

RNA scientists at all levels are encouraged to attend even if they have little or no prior simulation experience, as a general overview of molecular simulations will be provided in the morning session, followed by hand-on tutorials on running and visualizing molecular simulations in the afternoon lab sessions.

Light breakfast, lunch and snacks/coffee are included with registration.

The workshop takes place Thursday March 21, 2019 from 8:45 AM to 2 PM at The RNA Institute at SUNY, Albany.

Participants are required to also register for the 6th Annual Symposium on RNA Science and its Applications, held on March 22nd at the RNA Institute.