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Schedule of Events

9-9:30 Check-in, coffee and poster setup

Session 1: Characterizing Biomolecular Interactions. Chair: Mary Jo Ondrechen – Northeastern University

9:30-9:50 Min Chen – University of Massachusetts, Amherst  
A ClyA nanopore tweezer to differentiate anomeric sugar bound states of MBP

9:55-10:07 Morgan R. Packer – Northeastern University 
Raf promotes dimerization of the Ras G-domain

10:10- 10:22 Christopher Nordyke – University of New Hampshire 
Structural and functional studies of the polar organizing protein Z from Caulobacter crescentus using solution NMR spectroscopy

10:30 – 11:00 Coffee break – posters on display

Session 2: Bridging Computational and Experimental Biophysical Techniques. Chair: John Straub – Boston University

11:00-11:20 Yu-Shan Lin – Tufts University 
Understanding and designing cyclic peptides

11:25-11:37 Christopher Myers – SUNY Albany 
Accounting for electrostatic polarization in gas-phase simulations of ion mobility spectroscopy

11:40- 11:52 Koushik Kasavajhala – SUNY Stony Brook
Using structure reservoirs to accelerate biomolecular simulations

11:55- 12:07 Jacob Remington – University of Vermont
Molecular dynamics simulations reveal molecular basis of PAC1 receptor activation and internalization

12:10-2:00 Lunch and Posters: 12:30-1:15, even number posters. 1:15-2:00, odd posters

Session 3: Dynamics of Ribonucleoprotein Assemblies. Chair: Craig Martin – University of Massachusetts, Amherst

2:00-2:20 Dmitri Ermolenko – University of Rochester Medical School
Making ends meet: A new role of mRNA secondary structure in translation

2:25-2:37 Christine Carbone – UMass Medical School
Complex dynamics of ArfB-mediated ribosome rescue revealed by cryo-EM

2:40- 2:52 Ailun Wang – Boston College  
How diffuse ions regulate conformational dynamics of ribonucleoprotein assemblies

Session 4: Collective Dynamics at Large Length Scales. Chair: Michael Hagan – Brandeis University

3:00-3:20 Nicolas Fawzi – Brown University  
Structural biology of RNA-binding protein phase separation in health and disease

3:25-3:37 Searle Duay – University of Connecticut  
Exploring the pH-dependent interactions of the antimicrobial peptide clavanin A with E. coli outer membrane using molecular dynamics simulations

3:40-3:52 Wenjun Xie – MIT 
Deep learning chromatin folding coordinate and landscape

4:00-4:30 Coffee break.  Remove posters.

4:30 Introduction of Keynote Speaker: Carla Mattos – Northeastern University

4:35-5:35  Keynote Speaker: Martin Karplus – Harvard University
What does the future hold?

Closing remarks