The first Molecular Biophysics in the Northeast (MBN) meeting will provide an opportunity for members of the experimental and theoretical molecular biophysics community to discuss current research topics. The meeting is open to all, though we are particularly interested in participants from the Northeast region to attend. This event will emphasize the engagement of trainees (from undergraduates to post-docs) through oral presentations (selected from abstracts) and posters.

Invited Speakers

Keynote Speaker: Martin Karplus – Harvard University, 2013 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
What Does the Future Hold?

Min Chen – University of Massachusetts, Amherst
A ClyA nanopore tweezer to differentiate anomeric sugar bound states of MBP

Dmitri Ermolenko – University of Rochester Medical School
Making ends meet: A new role of mRNA secondary structure in translation

Nicolas Fawzi – Brown University
Structural biology of RNA-binding protein phase separation in health and disease

Yu-Shan Lin – Tufts University
Understanding and designing cyclic peptides

Selected Speakers (graduate students and postdocs)

Christine Carbone – UMass Medical School
Complex dynamics of ArfB-mediated ribosome rescue revealed by cryo-EM

Searle Duay – University of Connecticut
Exploring the pH-dependent interactions of the antimicrobial peptide clavanin A with E. coli outer membrane using molecular dynamics simulations

Koushik Kasavajhala – SUNY Stony Brook
Using structure reservoirs to accelerate biomolecular simulations

Christopher Myers – SUNY Albany
Accounting for electrostatic polarization in gas-phase simulations of ion mobility spectroscopy

Christopher Nordyke – University of New Hampshire
Structural and functional studies of the polar organizing protein Z from Caulobacter crescentus using solution NMR spectroscopy

Morgan R. Packer – Northeastern University
Raf promotes dimerization of the Ras G-domain

Jacob Remington – University of Vermont
Molecular dynamics simulations reveal molecular basis of PAC1 receptor activation and internalization

Ailun Wang – Boston College
How diffuse ions regulate conformational dynamics of ribonucleoprotein assemblies

Wenjun Xie – MIT
Deep learning chromatin folding coordinate and landscape