Since the first Current Topics symposium was held in 2014, we have been looking forward to organizing the 2nd Symposium on Current Topics in Molecular Biophysics (CTMB2). This event will take place September 24-26, in Santos, Brazil. The aim of the meeting is for leading experimental and theoretical researchers from around the world to discuss the challenges faced as the field aims to establish a quantitative understanding of the physical principles that govern biology. This intense three-day meeting, which is focused on molecular processes, will immediately precede the Brazilian Biophysical Society Annual Meeting, which will also be held in Santos. With the complementarity of these two events, we encourage all attendees to stay for both.

Keynote Speakers

Angela Gronenborn (University of Pittsburgh)

Benoit Roux (University of Chicago)

José Onuchic (Rice University)


Tentative List of Invited Speakers

Anton Zilman (University of Toronto, Canada)

Carla Mattos (Northeastern University, USA)

David Beratan (Duke University, USA)

Ellinor Haglund (University of Hawaii, USA)

Greg Morrison (University of Houston, USA)

Joanna Sulkowska (Warsaw University, Poland)

Mikael Oliveberg (Stockholm University, Sweden)

Paul Whitford (Northeastern University, USA)

Peter Fajer (Florida State University, USA)

Rachel Nechushtai (Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel)

Richard Garratt (University of São Paulo, Brazil)

Roberto Salinas (Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil)

Shachi Gosavi (National Centre for Biological Sciences, India)

Yunsun Nam (University of Texas – Southwestern, USA)

Event Sponsors