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James Tukpah


James is a fifth year studying electrical engineering with a minor in robotics. Graduating from high school in Germantown, located in the great state of Maryland, he came to Boston to pursue his goal of owning his own robotics company. He works hard everyday combining his love for robotics with his tenacity and imagination to move the world forward. He took the necessary steps towards his dream by working on humanoid robots and autonomous rovers with Professor Taskin Padir, in the RIVeR Lab, since his freshman year. James has many skills, ranging from the ability to code in multiple languages and unique technical abilities, to cooking, playing piano and much more. He loves to travel and intends to do so after he has received his bachelor’s, masters, and PhD. His passion to do his best translates into everything he does, and is most exemplified in his efforts in BESS ever since he joined his freshman year.


Lineyah Mitchell

Chief of Staff

Lineyah Mitchell is a third-year Chemical Engineering Honors student with minors in Materials Science and Mechanical Engineering.   She has worked in the Webster Nanomedicine Laboratory conducting research involving the green synthesis of nanoparticles, and in Professor Lee Parson’s lab, assisting with biochemical experiments.  She has volunteered with Powerplay NYC, an organization dedicated to the empowerment and advancement of girls in New York City, and volunteered as an English tutor to high school students as well as offering assistance with developing and writing their college essays.  Though she has a passion for chemical engineering, she has a wide range of other interests and passions, which have driven her to explore opportunities outside of engineering.  Her interests have also led her to experiences working in the liberal arts,  completing a political internship with New York City Councilwoman Helen Rosenthal. In her free time she likes to play the violin, read, and apply her engineering skills to personal projects. She completed her first Co-op at Concert Pharmaceuticals, and will be completing her second at Via Separations.

Maliq Osbourne

Internal Vice President

Maliq Osborne is third year Mechanical Engineering student from Boston, MA, interested in robotics, and the development of cars and other vehicles. He has in the past have worked with many organizations that involve the community and has taken up leadership positions in most of these organizations. He loves to gain knowledge and will take every opportunity to do such as he looks to participate in research during the summer. He pushes himself to succeed in the STEM as it will be inspirational for not only for his little brother, but for other young minority children from his community.


Jean Inoa

External Vice President
Jean is a third year majoring in Civil Engineering. He is doing his co-op at Turner Construction Co. working as a project manager. Previously, he held an internship at Rhode Island Housing in the Design and Construction Management Department. Also, he was involved in undergraduate research under Professor Hajjar at the STReSS Laboratory, studying the resilience of composite materials in buildings. In addition, he has also gone to do research in China at the Shanghai Jiao Tong University, looking into the restoration of urban-rural fringe areas. In the future, Jean’s goal is to construct Skyscrapers that are not only innovative but sustainable.


Macy Parchment


Macy Parchment is a second year Chemical Engineering student. She was born in Jamaica but lives in New York City. Macy has been apart of NSBE since her sophomore year of high school. During her time in NSBE she developed a love for engineering which coupled with her love for chemistry lead to her major choice.  This past summer she took part in research at the University of Sydney’s School of Chemistry in Sydney, Australia. She worked in the lab creating materials for batteries and creating prototype battery cells. Macy loves to travel and hopes to continue doing the things she enjoys in places she’s always dreamed about.


Yassmeen Youssef


Yassmeen is a second year majoring in Mechanical Engineering. Born in Egypt, she moved to New Jersey when she was seven and has been living here ever since. She knew that she wanted to be in the STEM fields since she was a child, originally aspiring to be a physical chemist. However, after attending high school she became more interested in engineering as she discovered her passion for working with her hands and seeing her creations come to life. Furthermore, after placing 2nd in the Entrepreneurial YOUTH CITIES Venture program she discovered here love of self-starting a company. She now aspires to work in the Aviation industry as a jet engine designer with the hope of one day starting her own company. Her enthusiasm for helping others led to her involvement in research at Cleveland State’s Rehabilitative Technology program under Professor Van Den Boger working in the Human Motion and Control Laboratory. She plans to continue research in the future with the desire to one day get a Masters and a PHD in Aerospace Engineering.

Husna Ellis

Programs Chair & Senator

Husna is a third year bioengineering student from Brooklyn, New York. She has a strong interest in engineering, and the intersection with policy and public health. She has pursued this interest through high school and college, through research and engineering projects. In the past, Husna has researched with professors through internships at the Junior Academy with the New York Academy of Sciences to the Intrepid Museum and the Grove School of Engineering. She appreciates the solutions that engineering offers to make possible and the plethora of ways it can benefit a community. Husna’s interest in international affairs, coupled with her desire to help others, makes her determined to work in a conflict zone as a medic or engineer to help victims caught in the crossfires of bureaucratic conflicts that they did not ask to be part of. Her time spent studying abroad showed her first hand how necessary these skills are for bringing stability to a region.


Tajonae Oyelowo

Communications Chair

Tajonae is a third year Computer Engineering student from Bronx, NY. She is currently on co-op at The TJX Companies in an IT Engineer Co-op position. She transferred to Northeastern University Fall 2018 from Case Western Reserve University. At Case Western, she was the Student Advancement Chair of their newly founded Black Student Union organization and was actively involved in advocation for black students. In the past, she interned at Agarabi Engineering in NYC as a Research Assistant and Data Analyst where she researched technologies and equipment for improving energy efficiency and sustainability of buildings . She is also a member of the Student Pathways Opening World Energy Resources (S-POWER) program, an undergraduate scholarship opportunity for underrepresented transfer engineering students with a passion to work in the energy sector. As a result of her interest in energy from her previous internship and S-POWER, she went on a dialogue in Brazil where she is researched more sustainable options for Fortaleza’s current infrastructure.

Stephannie Purvey

Publications Chair

Stephannie is a third year Computer Engineering student born and raised in The Bronx. She enjoys programming and design and has a strong interest in robotics and its applications to improve the everyday lives of individuals. Stephannie is passionate about helping whatever surrounding community that she finds herself in by dedicating her time and service to underrepresented youth. She has recognized the importance in sharing knowledge and STEM concepts to children, as it can be an important building block to a successful future. She has pursued this interest by volunteering at the Yawkey Boys and Girls Club. In addition to engineering, Stephannie enjoys trying many new things and has shown this in her love for art, painting, design, and music. In the future, Stephannie plans to pursue her passion for artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Breanna Bullock

Academic Excellence Chair

Breanna Bullock is a second year honors student Bioengineering student from Bel Air, Maryland. Breanna is interested in the overlap of engineering and medicine with a strong passion for serving the community. She has familiarity with C++, MATLAB, Solidworks, and AutoCad. Breanna is also apart of Boston’s chapter of the Big Sister’s program and a past Robotics Service Learning mentor. Breanna is eager to continue to mentor students in engineering and life. She strongly believes in the positive influence education through example and experience can have win cultivating others. She looks forward to exploring all aspects of bioengineering and diving deeper into the many opportunities it has to offer.

Claude Roc


My name Claude Roc, I am a second-year Chemical Engineering student. I am originally from Haiti and have been in Boston since the age of four. I lived around most neighbors in Boston such as Dorchester, Mattapan, Hyde Park, and now on Northeastern campus. As someone who grew up all around Boston, I plan to give back to those communities one day and be a positive role model for the next generation. Also, I enjoy playing chess or cooking.

Adrian McCullough

Alumni Relations Chair

Adrian McCullough is a 5th year Mechanical Engineering major originally from New Rochelle, NY and is serving as this year’s Alumni Relations Chair.  Adrian is involved in many off-campus volunteering activities and strives to teach leadership and innovation to the next generation of students.  This year, he plans to host more events for Alumni, create a mentorship program between alumni and students, and strengthen the pipeline between BESS and NSBE Boston’s Professional Chapter


Allen Lee


Allen is a fifth year Electrical Engineering and Computer Science major. He is in a dual degree program in which he will graduate with two bachelors degrees. As part of the program he has recently transferred from Clark Atlanta University to Northeastern University in the fall of 2018. Originally from Lafayette, LA, he is new to the north and is often seen exploring the city of Boston and enjoying the outdoors. Allen can code, create, and circuit design which are only some of the wide range of skills and abilities he has learned from his experiences as an engineer. He loves to be in a lab researching and has done so since his freshman year. Allen is experienced in studying solar energy, additive manufacturing, and power electronics. Outside of engineering Allen is passionate about minorities in S.T.E.M. and improving the bridge between high school and college. He gives back to this cause through his non-profit organization that he co-founded with his childhood friend based out of his hometown. Allen plans to continue giving back and affecting change through his efforts with BESS.


Wilkin Rivera

Finance Chair

Wilkin is a third year student pursuing a combined BS in Computer Science and Computer Engineering. Having grown up in Dorchester, this Boston native has been part of NSBE ever since his 8th grade of high school where he attended conventions to compete in Try-Math-A-Lons in Nashville, Tennessee and Anaheim, California as part of Boston Latin School’s PCI chapter. In 2014 his 9th-10th grade division team placed second place at the Fall Regional Conference. Wilkin’s first co-op was at Harvard Law School’s Information Technology Services, where he became familiar with troubleshooting a wide spectrum of technological issues through customer service and learning to use a large variety of audio visual equipment and software. He hopes to use his passion for technology and social justice to better his community.


Dylan Gates

Pre-College Initiative Chair

Hello, my name is Dylan Gates and I am the current PCI Chair for the 2019-2020 academic year. As a PCI Chair, my goals are to encourage youth in K-12 to attend college and pursue technical degrees through NSBE’s various competitions, activities, and programs. This role is meant to assist students in discovering how engineering and technology relate to the world around them. Being apart of NSBE has also encouraged me to stay aware of the many engineering opportunities as I strive autonomy research and understand more methods in the field of machine-learning overall.

Michael Kennet


Mike is a third year student, studying Cybersecurity with a minor in Computer Engineering. His technical/engineering interests lie in Computer Networking and Cloud Computing, as his immediate goal upon graduation is to work as an IT/Cybersecurity Consultant. Mike is also really passionate about investments as his long term goal is to invest his Cybersecurity money into real estate. Mike is also on the E-Board for Northeastern’s Real Estate Investment Club and wants to bring an investment-mindset to engineers and other STEM-related fields.


Rodford Ripert

Conference Planning Chair

Rodford is a fifth year majoring in Mechanical Engineering. Rodford grew up in a suburb in South Florida and after an enjoyable, learning experience in high school he decided to take his talents to Boston to pursue a degree in mechanical engineering at Northeastern. He is open to many things within the engineering world and other works but some of the things that peak his interest a lot are product development and manufacturing and what he hopes for most is to expand his engineering knowledge and experience while he continues to grow within engineering. Outside of engineering, Rodford volunteers at a Boys and Girls Club in Roxbury and has been volunteering there since his freshman year and he hopes to be able to make a difference in the community through his work. Furthermore, Rodford is a big sports fan and loves to watch football and basketball and he also enjoys playing video games as well.


Rayven Tate

Conference Planning Chair

Rayven is a fourth year Mechanical Engineering major with minors in Biomechanics and Psychology. She’s currently doing her co-op with Virtudent as a Mechanical and Operations Engineering Co-op. Her passion for engineering ranges from biomedical devices to aerospace engineering which drives her to get involved in engineering student groups on campus such as American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Her passion for BESS has taken her to regional leadership and she’s currently the Regional Secretary. In addition to engineering groups, she’s also apart of Tastemakers Magazine and is one the co-photo directors.


Benjamin Ochola

Merchandise Chair

Ben is a 5th year student who’s interest in computers led him to electrical engineering with a computer science minor. He is familiar with coding languages such as Java, C++, Python and Arduino, as well as programs such as Matlab and Solidworks. Ben has worked on projects such as designing a prototype autonomous robot for fire suppression, and assisted a team to help design Hands for Valkyrie, which is a research project that works on NASA’s autonomous robot. His past co-op at Collins Aerospace solidified his decision to pursue a career in engineering.