Research Assistants

Chris Strasser

I am a fourth-year undergraduate student studying Psychology and Criminal Justice with a minor in Argumentation and Law. I am interested in the ways in which we think and how those processes affect our ability to interact with one another and the world around us. The Language and Mind Lab asks many questions involving the innate qualities within human cognition which I believe will help us further understand ourselves and can open pathways for great positive change. In my free time I practice martial arts, woodworking, and singing, and participate in a variety of obstacle course races.

Stephanie Yee

I am a second year undergraduate student pursuing a combined major of Psychology and Linguistics. I speak Mandarin and some Spanish, and I have always been interested in how our brains process language. I am excited to be working with the Language and Mind Lab because it is the perfect intersection of my two majors and will allow me to explore how they work together. In my free time, I enjoy playing the piano and clarinet, playing soccer, and exploring Boston!

Cyrus Kurd

I am a second year undergraduate student studying Linguistics & Psychology. I’m very interested in psycholinguistics, especially as it relates to human neurobiology and innateness, as well as artificial intelligence and natural language processing. Outside of class, I’m an avid runner who loves to explore.

Sara Wills

I am a second-year undergraduate student studying Behavioral Neuroscience. I am interested in language acquisition and in the abstract principles that seem to be shared across a variety of languages. In my free time I enjoy playing the piano, spending time outdoors, and learning languages.

Piper Larkin

I am a third year undergraduate studying psychology and linguistics, with a minor in behavioral neuroscience. I am interested in psychology research, especially the intersections of psychology with the fields of linguistics and neuroscience. I have previously completed an internship at Brigham and Women’s Hospital studying racial trauma during the pandemic and infant cognition. In my spare time, I am involved in running Terra, an environmental club at Northeastern.