Research Assistants

Allison Noble

Allison Noble

I am a second-year student majoring in Marine Biology and pursuing a certificate in Music Performance and minor in Linguistics! My academic interests are marine mammal communications and the communication properties of music. Besides academics, I play French horn, swim competitively through the Northeastern club team, and work as a camp counselor during the summer. I am very excited to gain experience in research through this lab!

Aparna Dutta

I am a second year Linguistics major and Computer Science minor at Northeastern and I plan to continue my education in the future with a master’s degree in Computational Linguistics. My academic interests include phonetics, typology, bilingualism, and natural language processing. Outside of class, I am a dancer on Rangila Rhythms dance team, and I also serve on the executive board of Biology Club as public relations officer. I look forward to learning more about linguistics and psycholinguistics from a research perspective and gaining lab experience throughout my time at the Phonology and Reading Lab!

Camila Galluzzo

I am a second year undergraduate at Northeastern studying Behavioral Neuroscience and minoring in Sociology on the pre-med track. I have worked in early education for 4 years now, and am interested in the topics of child development and language disabilities. Having grown up as bilingual myself, I have always been interested in the neurological and phonological mechanisms behind language acquisition. Outside of class, I am involved with Active Minds, an organization that aims to reduce the stigmas surrounding mental health and to educate students about mental health disorders.

Eliza Zijin Huang

I am an undergraduate at Northeastern pursuing a dual degree in Computer Science and Cognitive Psychology. I am interested in language acquisition, bilingualism, and natural language processing, and have experience teaching English to Mandarin speakers, researching at LEAP lab in Singapore, and assisting at Communication Development Lab. Outside of the classroom, I volunteer as an interpreter for Boston Housing Authority and a guide for the MFA. I really look forward to learning in the lab!

Frank Kulak

I’m a first-year student at Northeastern majoring in Computer Science and Linguistics. I am particularly interested in researching and learning about how language is acquired, stored, and used in the mind. My academic and professional goal is to use my combined major and future research experiences to work in the fields of natural language processing, artificial intelligence, and/or machine learning (particularly how a machine could acquire and use a human language).

Kevin Samejon

I am teaching research and writing courses at Northeastern University, and I am part of a research project in Phonetics, Acquisition & Multilingualism Lab (PAMLab) at Boston University. I am glad to be involved as a volunteer RA in the Phonology & Reading Lab this semester because its research direction relates to my current interest in cognitive/psycholinguistics and phonetics-phonology interface. Outside my work, I enjoy pursuing simple and meaningful activities alone or with friends and family.

Katherine Krajovic

I am a fifth-year student majoring in Linguistics with a minor in Computer Science. I’ve had the opportunity to take courses in many different areas of linguistics, and I’m so excited to now learn more about the field of psycholinguistics as I work with the lab. I’ve studied Spanish, French, and German and am always looking for any excuse to study a new language. Outside of class, I am a competitive ballroom dancer and serve as Vice-President of the NU Ballroom Dance Club.