Graduate Students

Qatherine (Qathy) Andan

I am a 4th year PhD student with an M.S. in Experimental Psychology and B.A. in Psycholinguistics (both from Northeastern). I am interested in how human minds represent phonological patterns. Although phonology is often defined as the patterning of sounds, linguistic investigations of signed languages (such as ASL) suggest that phonology is not confined to the spoken modality. This raises the possibility that phonological knowledge itself may be amodal. My research under Dr. Iris Berent attempts to evaluate the degree to which phonological representations are shared across language modalities—in other words, how similar they are between spoken and signed languages. My current projects use eye tracking methods to probe speakers’ and signers’ real-time sensitivity to phonological knowledge.

Gwendolyn Sandoboe

I am a third-year PhD student in Professor Iris Berent’s lab. I completed my Bachelors at the University of Chicago, majoring in Biology. My current research projects focus on the way laypeople reason about cognition, including their perceptions of the innateness of mental states and the link between mind and brain. I am interested in how this research can be used to improve the general public’s understanding of science.