Participate in Experiments

Thank you for your interest in participating in our research. Please look over the sections below to see what opportunities may apply to you. Click here for directions.

Infant Research

We invite you to bring your baby to the Infant Phonology Lab to participate in a language study. We are currently looking for babies who are 6-18 months of age from English speaking families. Eligible parents can fill out our Infant Lab Contact Form, or e-mail the infant lab coordinator (Kristina McCarthy, You can find more information about our language acquisition research here.

Sign Language Research

We are looking for Deaf native users of American Sign Language to take part in an experiment on the perception of language. If interested, please contact Qathy Andan, You can find more information about our sign language phonology research here.

Phonology & Reading

Students at Northeastern University can sign up to participate in experiments via Psylink. We are also looking for adult participants diagnosed with dyslexia or specific language impairment. Eligible participants can fill our our Dyslexia & SLI Contact Form. At any given time our lab may be looking for participants who are native speakers of Russian, Spanish, or Mandarin Chinese. Eligible participants can fill our our Foreign Language Contact Form.