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How we reason about innateness

The Blind Storyteller – A brief clip


The Blind Storyteller – an interview with Ricardo Lopes

Revealing the Human Mind – What’s New podcast

We know what we know — covered by News at Northeastern!

Interview with Ricardo Lopes

Linguistics, Skinner and Chomsky, Spoken and Written Language


Faulty Brain Connections in Dyslexia?

Dyslexic brain hears fuzzy sounds

Doubts over actual cause of dyslexia

Phonological Universals in  the Human Brain

Our brains are hardwired for language

Brain Appears Hardwired for Some Aspects of Language 

Phonological Universals at Birth

Humans May be Born With Innate Ability to Recognize Which Sounds are Words

Science briefs: Did farming make humans couch potatoes? 

Sound Pattern of Language

Examining the sound-​​patterns of world languages

The Infant Phonology lab was covered by Northeastern University News in “The innate ability to learn language” (download), and by the InSolution Research Blog in “How do squishy baby faces learn language?” (download). Read the Spotlight on our Infant Phonology Lab by the Northeastern Psychology Department (download). Interview for the Northeastern YouTube channel: You can also view the Phonology & Reading Lab YouTube channel.


In March 2012, Dr. Iris Berent organized the symposium, “The Human Capacity for Language: Nature, Origins, & Use”. The InSolution Research Blog covered the event in “He said she said” (download). Click on the poster to view a larger version.