Chloe Wins PEAK Experiences Summit Award!

Ke (Chloe) Wen, a B.S. student in Chemical Engineering and Biochemistry, has recently received the PEAK Experiences Summit Award for her project entitled, “Evaluating the Effect of Matrix Stiffness on Glycocalyx Expression using a Fluidic Device”. The Office of Undergraduate Research and Fellowships grants this competitive award to individuals who have demonstrated a passion for research and a high level of sophistication and skill developed from previous academic endeavors.

In collaboration with the Ebong’s Lab, Chloe will develop an in-vitro platform with non-swelling hydrogels with tunable rigidity to study the effect of matrix stiffness on the expression of endothelial glycocalyx, which would help to further understand the role of mechanobiology in atherosclerosis development.

Congrats Chloe! More information can be found here.