Bencherif Lab publishes “Oxygen-Generating Cryogels Restore T Cell Mediated Cytotoxicity in Hypoxic Tumors” in Advanced Functional Materials

Congratulations to Thibault Colombani and team (Loek Eggermont, Stephen Hatfield, Zachary Rogers, Mahboobeh Rezaeeyazdi, Adnan Memic, Michail Sitkovsky, and Prof. Sidi Bencherif) on their recent publication, reporting the design of injectable oxygen-generating cryogels (O2-cryogels) as a strategy to boost antitumor immune responses. These non-invasive biomaterials are used to controllably release oxygen into solid tumors, reverse hypoxia-driven immunosuppression, and promote the infiltration of pre-existing immune-fighting immune cells into solid tumors. O2-cryogels are a novel platform to deliver oxygen locally as a co-adjuvant in solid tumors, reinforce tumor-infiltrating T cells, and ultimately enhance cancer immunotherapies.

Check out the manuscript here and a Northeastern College of Engineering article here.