Bencherif Lab publishes “Cryogel-Integrated Biochip for Liver Tissue Engineering” in ACS Applied Bio Materials

In collaboration with the “laboratoire Biomécanique et Bioingénierie (BMBI)” at University of Technology of Compiègne/Sorbonne University, we report a new method for performing 3D cell cultures in microfluidic devices: a macroporous cryogel integrated biochip with tunable mechanical properties intended to mimic the stiffness of a healthy or pathological liver tissue.

This new cell culture device, combining a 3D microenvironment and perfusable cell culture, mimics the native liver microenvironment more closely by reconstructing its physiological stiffness. The feasibility study performed with HepG2/C3A showed viable and functional cells, enabling 3D tissue organization throughout the biochip. This device is a promising tool for potentially developing reliable in vitro liver microtissues for drug toxicity and efficacy studies, but it also may be a platform to better understand and dissect liver cell biology.

Check out our article here for more information.