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Jared R. Auclair

Jared R. Auclair is currently the Associate Dean of Professional Programs in the College of Science.  In addition to this role,  Dr. Auclair also Directs the Biopharmaceutical Analysis Training Laboratory.  This latter appointment allows Dr. Auclair to collaborate with both academic researchers and industry in the area of biopharmaceutical development and analysis.  He has expertise in mol. biology, protein biochemistry, analytical chemistry, protein crystallography, and biological mass spectrometry; and is interested in understanding the molecular mechanisms of neurodegenerative diseases in order to develop novel therapeutic approaches.



Name  Organization  Title 
Patrick Swann   Amgen  Vice President, Quality Sciences & Technology (QS&T) 
Wassim Nashabeh  Roche-Genentech  Vice President, Regulatory Policy & International Operations 
Rominder Singh  Pfizer  Head of Global Regulatory Affairs – International (Asia) 
Jerry Stewart  Pfizer  Vice President, Regulatory Affairs 
Rohin Mhatre  Biogen  Senior Vice President, Pharmaceutical/Biopharmaceutical Development 
Murray M. Lumpkin  Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation  Deputy Director – Integrated Development (Regulatory Affairs)