xevo mass spectrometry


Instructions for Registration

To register for this training program you must download and complete this form and email the completed form to RPS@northeastern.edu. The registration form must be filled-out completely and accurately so there is no delay in processing. Please allow up to five business days for processing. Registrations received within five business days of the course may not be processed in time. Once your registration form is approved, you will receive a link for payment.



The Biopharmaceutical Analysis Training Laboratory (BATL) is a state-of-the-art facility,  offering a unique hands-on training opportunity to the pharmaceutical industry in form of affordable, practical and comprehensive courses. Experienced faculty and staff from Northeastern University provide in-depth knowledge applicable to the lab environment.

Courses offered at the BATL are designed to combine fundamental and applied knowledge in protein and peptide analysis and provide regulatory perspectives.  All courses can be customized and some topics can be trained in-house. The training lab was established due to a collaboration between Northeastern University and Waters Corporation.



BATL offers hands-on training in state-of-the-art liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry analysis and relevant data management, focusing upon advanced characterization of biotherapeutic’s structure, esp. glycosylation.

The courses designed for scientists, technicians and also managers in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry as well as in government and academic institutions.


Course Benefits


  • *Experienced instructors from Northeastern University and industry provide in-depth knowledge and are specifically chosen for each course topic, such enhancing the scientific talent of the attendees.
  • *Actual Hands-on training  on the lastest analytical systems such as ACQUITY UPLC H-Class and the XEVO G2 systems, allow for an immediate transfer of “knowledge – into – action” at your organization
  • *Small training groups allow for optimal hands-on time per participant
  • *Attendees will understand how to use the technology, including the advantages and limits and the importance of each step; in addition, they will learn how the current regulatory concepts apply
  • *Quickly build staff proficiency and optimize instrument utilization for methods on existing or recently purchased instruments
  • *Keep the business competitive, increase sample capacity, improve project management and in-house-knowledge and reduce the need for re-testing

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