Congratulations to Dr. Chenzhen Zhang! 🎓

Congratulations to Chenzhen Zhang on his Ph.D. Dissertaion: “Electrical Charging of Macromolecules for Targeted Delivery to Cartilage for Applications in Diagnostic Imaging and Drug Delivery”

Chenzhen has been an invaluable member of our lab, contributing towards many aspects of drug delivery and sharing his wide expertise to new lab members (AKA SuperChenny). We are so proud of you!

Read our new work in Osteoarthritis and Cartilage! 📄

Our recently published article explores the use of combining IL-1Ra with cationic drug delivery carriers for post-traumatic osteoarthritis. The work demonstrates that electrically charged IL-1Ra is more effective than neutral IL-1Ra in repairing cartilage. It emphasizes the importance of creating a drug depot inside the cartilage for a sustained therapeutic effect. Congrats to Shikhar, Tim, Sumayyah, Tengfei, Chenzhen, and Armin! 50 days’ free access: Here

We had a great time at the 2023 Orthopaedic Research Society Annual Meeting in Dallas, TX! 🌆

  • Bioelectricity in Medicine Drug Delivery using Charged Biomaterials – Ambika (Spotlight Talk)
  • Cationic Peptide Modified Exosomes for Cartilage Targeting for Applications in Drug Delivery – Chenzhen (Podium)
  • Intra-Joint Sustained Release of Neosaxitoxin for Long-Term Osteoarthritis Pain Relief – Hengli (Podium)
  • Biodistribution and Stability of Cartilage-Targeting Cationic Peptide Carriers in ACLT Rabbit Knee Joints – Tim (Poster)