Lab Members Present at 2019 Orthopaedic Research Society Conference in Austin, TX.

PhD students Shikhar Mehta and Armin Vedadghavami and undergraduate student Erica Wagner recently travelled with Dr. Bajpayee to present at the 2019 ORS Conference in Austin Texas from February 2-5. Shikhar’s poster was titled: “IL-Ra is More Effective in Suppressing Cytokine Induced Catabolism in Cartilage-Synovium Co-culture Compared to Cartilage Monoculture. Armin’s poster was titled: “Cartilage Penetrating Cationic Peptide Carriers for Applications in Drug Delivery and Imaging of Arthritic Tissues.” Erica’s poster was titled: “Avidin Nanocarriers for Sustained Intra-Discal Delivery of Drugs for Treatment of Disc Degeneration.” Congrats to all!