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Congratulations to our 2019 Graduates!

Several Bajpayee Lab members recently graduated! Congratulations to following students:

  • Tengfei He, who received his Masters Degree for his work on multi-arm avidin-dex and will be transitioning into the PhD program in our lab!
  • Boting Li, who received her Masters Degree for her work on tissue engineering in collaboration with Prof. Bencherif.
  • Sydney Kates, who received her Masters Degree for her work in designing an IL-1Ra fusion protein.
  • Don Kim, who received his Bachelor’s Degree and was was instrumental in helping set-up the lab, developing hydroxyproline assay, and also assisting Erica in the IVD project

Erica Wins 2019 Goldwater Scholarship!

Congrats to undergraduate student, Erica Wagner, who was recently award the prestigious Barry Goldwater Scholarship for excellence in undergraduate research! Erica continues to research targeted drug delivery for treating low back pain, and plans to pursue her PhD after graduation. You can read more about this award here.

Cam Presents at RISE 2019

Congrats to undergraduate student, Cameron Young, who recently presented at Northeastern University’s Research, Innovation, and Science Expo (RISE). His project was titled: “Role of Advanced Glycation End-Products in Age-Related Osteoarthritis.”

Lab Members Present at 2019 Orthopaedic Research Society Conference in Austin, TX.

PhD students Shikhar Mehta and Armin Vedadghavami and undergraduate student Erica Wagner recently travelled with Dr. Bajpayee to present at the 2019 ORS Conference in Austin Texas from February 2-5. Shikhar’s poster was titled: “IL-Ra is More Effective in Suppressing Cytokine Induced Catabolism in Cartilage-Synovium Co-culture Compared to Cartilage Monoculture. Armin’s poster was titled: “Cartilage Penetrating Cationic Peptide Carriers for Applications in Drug Delivery and Imaging of Arthritic Tissues.” Erica’s poster was titled: “Avidin Nanocarriers for Sustained Intra-Discal Delivery of Drugs for Treatment of Disc Degeneration.” Congrats to all!

Congrats to Cam for Presenting at National Collegiate Research Conference

Undergraduate student Cameron Young recently presented his research at the National Collegiate Research Conference (NCRC) at Harvard University from January 24-26. His poster was titled: “Role of Advanced Glycation End-Products in Age-Related Osteoarthritis Development.” Additionally, he was awarded first place in the Engineering, Mathematics, and Applied Sciences category. Congratulations!