Drug Delivery to Connective Tissues

Located at Northeastern University’s Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Complex (ISEC), the Bajpayee lab works on drug delivery to connective and charged tissues such as cartilage, meniscus, intervertebral disc and mucosal membranes. Connective tissues are pervasive throughout the body and their degeneration affects 10% of the human population. Their dense extracellular matrix, however, hinders penetration of most drugs. We utilize concepts of nanomedicine and bio-electrostatics to design polypeptides and protein-based carriers for targeted and sustained delivery of small molecule drugs, protein growth factors, antibodies and genetic materials to specific intra-tissue and intra-cellular target sites inside connective tissues. A main focus is on using charge interactions and other binding mechanisms to rationally design drug carriers that can penetrate through the dense matrix of avascular, negatively charged tissues. We are also interested in understanding mechanisms leading to degenerative joint diseases (e.g., osteoarthritis) due to ageing and traumatic injuries. The lab strives to combine basic science with translational research to develop biomedical technologies.

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