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Welcome to the Sustainable Structures Group website! Among the most important current engineering challenges is discovering how to maintain standards of living without sacrificing the long-term health of our environment and our society, or, in other words, discovering how to obtain comprehensive and enduring sustainability. Structural engineers have an enormous role to play in this discovery, as the environmental impacts associated with the existing built environment are staggering. Given this vast challenge, the overall intent of this group is to overcome structural obstacles that are emerging as our society evolves towards comprehensive sustainability. I hope you find this website useful. Our latest results are available at the publications page.

Steel in the Water!

news@Northeastern ran a piece on our hurricane project, following Deepwater Wind’s announcement from last week that they are the first U.S. developer to have “Steel in the Water” as part of the U.S.’s first offshore wind farm, which is located off of Block Island in Rhode Island.

Young Scholars event at the STReSS Lab and KRI

Kara Peterman and I hosted an event for Northeastern’s Young Scholars Program. We taught the students about wind turbine towers and local buckling, using our universal testing machine to precisely measure the conditions at buckling for soda cans stiffened creatively by the students.


18m demonstration tower installed today!

The tower associated with our MassCEC demonstration project was installed today at MIT’s Bates campus. The tower is 18m tall and supports a 10 kW turbine. This is the world’s first spirally-welded wind turbine tower!


Latest spirally-welded large-scale buckling test

Two weeks ago, we finished our third large-scale test. This particular test was designed to replicate a section of the demonstration tower which we are installing later this Spring. The critical section failed at 1.5 times the design strength of the demonstration tower.

Buckling Test - 3-31-15 - Overview

Buckling Test - 3-31-15 - Close-up

Two new papers published!

Our group just published two new papers — one in Structural Safety on multivariate analysis of wind and wave in the design of offshore wind turbines and another in Renewable Energy on the magnitude and influence of foundation (i.e. soil) damping on the dynamics of offshore wind turbines. You can check them out on my publications page.