What is PAAC?

PAAC, or the Pan Asian American Council, is made up of two representatives from each of the eleven Asian American student organizations, two at-large representatives, and two co-chairs. Many of our eboard and general members are active PAAC members! PAAC’s mission is to create a common space for dialogue among all Asian American students at Northeastern University. The Pan Asian American Council aims to provide support, training and resources for Asian American students, particularly those serving in leadership positions in their respective organizations.

Which student organizations make up PAAC?

There are 11 student organizations that make up PAAC:

    • Asian Student Union
    • Vietnamese Student Association
    • Barkada
    • Korean American Student Association
    • UTSAV
    • Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers
    • Pi Delta Psi
    • Kappa Phi Lambda
    • Delta Phi Omega
    • Beta Chi Theta
    • Chinese Student Association

Core Values

SELF KNOWLEDGE: PAAC seeks to provide opportunities for students to develop knowledge of their own histories, identities, and the ways in which the stories of APIDA students connect, intersect, and inform what it means to be an APIDA student at Northeastern.

COMMUNITY AWARENESS: PAAC seeks to create awareness of what it means to be APIDA at Northeastern and within the context of the United States. As a community, we have a deep history that often goes unheard. PAAC aims to give voice to these stories.

INTENTIONAL ALLYSHIP: PAAC seeks to build thoughtful connections regarding our experiences and struggles. Both within the APIDA community at Northeastern and with other marginalized populations, we strive to understand our collective struggle and seek to provide intentional support and allyship for others.

How can I get involved?

PAAC serves as an umbrella organization to unite the Asian American student organizations. The best way to help facilitate PAAC’s goal is to become involved in the Asian community, whether that is through participating in various clubs or even volunteering in Boston’s Asian communities. Join the PAAC Facebook group for the latest updates!