Presentation Schedule

Technical Program Chair: Kai-Tak Wan

All presentations are taking place in the Curry Student Center (CSC).

Education Focused Session Undergraduate Students Engineering Research Focused Session Focus Group


Friday, May 1, 2015

Topic Time Slot Authors
Title CSC
Undergraduate Student Presentations 10:15 Jeffrey Martell, William Kelschinsky, Alaina Schiano, Jeremy Vaillant and David Willis
University of Massachusetts Lowell
Computer Numerically Controlled Machine Development for Educational Applications: A Senior Design Project 333
10:35 (Advisor: Paul Crilly)
United States Coast Guard Academy
Direction Finding of Low Power Spread Spectrum Signals Using the MUSIC Algorithm 333
10:55 Alex Manternach
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Maintenance and Expansion Evaluation of the Panama Canal 333
11:15 Tatjana Samardzic
University of Southern Maine
A System for Analog Filter Design, Realization and Verification Using Mathematica and Systemmodeler 333
11:35 Vivian Liang
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Incorporating Ethics in Biomedical Engineering: A Joint-Venture Approach 333
11:55 –Cancelled– 333
12:15 Lawrence McGillicuddy
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Waste Sea Shell Cement Composite 333
Engineering in Biotechnology I 10:15 Ashwag Battarjee
University of Bridgeport
Improving Global Healthcare by Focusing in Quality 346
10:35 Megha Chandrashekharappa
Fairfield University
HealthCheQ 346
10:55 Hussain Alhassan
University of Bridgeport
Brain Signals Analysis during Meditation and Problem Solving 346
11:15 Khulood Alyamani
University of Bridgeport
A New Technology in Administering Intravenous Drugs – Microneedle Patches 346
11:35 Chikezie Chibuike
University of Bridgeport
Non-stop High-speed Interconnect for Digital Microfluid Biochip Integration 346
11:55 Bayan Alarishi
University of Bridgeport
Structural DNA Nanotechnology: From Design to Applications 346
12:15 Hussain Alhassan
University of Bridgeport
Brain Signals Analysis during Concentrated and Diluted Modes 346
21st Century Engineering Curriculum I 10:15 John Vardalas
IEEE History Center at Stevens Institute of Technology
The Role of Undergraduate History of Engineering in the Formation of Engineers: a New Interdisciplinary, Experiential Approach 435
10:35 James Ejiwale
Jackson State University
Limiting Skill Effect Through Experiential Participation 435
10:55 Naser P. Sharifi
Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI)
The “T-Shaped” Learning Experience at Worcester Polytechnic Institute 435
11:15 Corinna Fleischmann and Elizabeth Nakagawa
Coast Guard Academy
Redesigning the Student Learning Approach Through Personality Types and Pedagogies in an Undergraduate Engineering Course 435
11:35 Moses Tefe
Norwich University
Engineering the Engineering Educator 435
11:55 Michael Davis
University of Maine – Brunswick Engineering Program
A 3rd Semester Project-Based-Learning Experience to Enhance Learning of Mathematics, Programming, and Circuits in an Integrated Curriculum 435
12:15 Kanti Prasad
University of Massachusetts Lowell
21st Century Challenges: Integrating Fundamentals Into State-Of-The-Art Technology Curricula Complimented by Hands on Experience in Laboratories. 435
Information and Data Management 10:15 Kripesh Ramji
University of Bridgeport
Secure and Friendly Environment with Biotechnology 440
10:35 –Cancelled– 440
10:55 Jagtiani Lalit
University of Bridgeport
Discovering the Role of Big Data in the Execution Performance of Software Development Projects 440
11:15 Rahi Kumar
University of Bridgeport
Management Information System 440
11:35 Advisor: Elif Kongar
University of Bridgeport
Project Management Software Selection U sing Analytical Hierarchy Process 440
11:55 Varun Pande
University of Bridgeport
Internal Mapping Topography Using Wireless Sensors 440
12:15 Muhammad Uddin
University of Bridgeport
Big Data to Better Data 440
First Year
10:15 Kathryn Schulte Grahame and Christos Zahapoulos
Northeastern University
Can Real-Life Projects in Freshmen Engineering Classes Result in Improved Interest and Performance in the Clean Energy Careers? 444
10:35 Corey Kiassat
Quinnipiac University
Impact of a Hands-On First Year Engineering Course on Student Retention, Satisfaction, and Knowledge 444
10:55 Vazgen Shekoyan
Queensborough Community College, CUNY
Student Collaborative Group Work on Advanced Course Materials in an Introductory Physics Course for Engineering Technology Majors 444
11:15 –Cancelled–
11:35 David Willis and Jeremy Vaillant
University of Massachusetts Lowell
Designing a Scalable Mechanical Engineering Freshman Experience for Relevant and Engaging Hands-On Experiences 444
11:55 Sarah Coppola
Tufts University
Designing Stuff People Can Use: A First Year Human Factors Engineering Course 444
12:15 Mustafa Guvench
University of Southern Maine
A DLP Stereolithographic 3D Printer for Experimentation and Research in High Resolution Additive Manufacturing 444
Undergraduate Student Presentations 2:00 Corrado Addonisio
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Liquid Life 333
2:20 Andrew Breiter-Wu
Wentworth Institute of Technology
Sustainability…My Driving Force of Becoming a 21st Century Engineer 333
2:40 Nicholas Smith
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Self-Healing Coatings for Steel-Reinforced Concrete Infrastructure 333
3:10 Saulo Fernando Guedes da Silva Junior
University of Bridgeport
Autonomous Piloting System for a Drone Using Computer Vision Algorithms 333

Simulation and Modeling, Signal Monitoring,
and System Control II
2:00 Jianfeng Sun
Northeastern University
A Mechanical Modeling Method For Investigation Into Water Filtration 346
2:20 Salam Al-khammasi
University of Bridgeport
Design and Implementation of Self Learning Autonomous Robot Using Neural Networks under ROS (Robot Operating System) platform 346
2:40 Viswadath, Venkata bala subramanyam Teja Duvvuri, Dasari
University of Bridgeport
Detection of Metallic and Non Metallic Objects on a Conveyor Belt Using PLC Logics, HMI Screen, VFD 346
3:10 Adnan Qayyum
University of Bridgeport
Simulation of Steady Heat Transfer in Different Geometries with Various Boundary Conditions 346
3:30 Mengjiao Zhou
University of Bridgeport
Computer-Aided Analysis of a New Automated Assembly System for IT Industry 346
Group and Project-Based Learning 2:00 Jeffrey Mountain
Norwich University
Capstone Project Selection and Evaluation Processes: More Fair for the Students and Easier for the ABET Evaluator 435
2:20 Yu Wang
The New York City College of Technology of the CUNY
Collaborative Instructions and Team Based Project Learning – an Effective Strategy to Conduct Technology Education Towards Undergraduates 435
2:40 Colleen Symansky
United States Coast Guard Academy
Preparing Civil Engineers for Construction Project Management 435
3:10 Margaret Bates
Rochester Institute of Technology
Service Learning in Project Management Education 435
Future Education Tools 2:00 – 3:30 Wiley Focus Group
Sponsored by wiley
Developing course materials that students value – a focus group with Wiley Publishing 440
Simulation and Modeling, Signal Monitoring,
and System Control I
2:00 Sukainah Al Hajji
University of Bridgeport
Smart Techniques to Cure Serious Neurological Disease ( Brain Cancer ) 444
2:20 Connor Sullivan
University of Massachusetts Lowell
Developing and Exploring the Commercialization Potential of a Novel Voltammetric Sensor 444
2:40 Harshilkumar Kothari
University of Bridgeport
Real Time Temperature Reading to Control System 444
3:10 Kailashnathan Thirupathur Venkata Ramana
University of Bridgeport
Multi Agent Tasking: An Optimal Approach 444
3:30 Jasim Alfandy
University of Bridgeport
Digital Controller Design And Experiment on a Buck- Boost Convertor for Photovoltaic Systems 444
Undergraduate Student Presentations 3:50 Lays Cavalcante Ribeiro
University of Bridgeport
Implementation of an Eye-Blink Detection to Improve Car’s Safety 333
4:10 David, Rainara, Thales Augusto Guimarães, Araújo Mateus, de Lima Beraldo
University of Bridgeport
Development of Monitoring System of a Wheelchair Using a Quadrotor 333
4:30 –Cancelled– 333
4:50 James Meyers, Adam Hoburg
U.S. Coast Guard Academy
A Capstone Project on Robust Dynamic Positioning and Data Acquisition Systems 333
Engineering Materials 3:50 Junling Hu
University of Bridgeport
Dynamics of Liquid Droplets Impacting on a Hydrophobic Surface 346
4:10 James Masi
University of Southern Maine
Preparation of Nano-Particulate Magnetic and Dielectric Oxides Via Co-Precipitation Using Various Chloride Sources 346
4:30 Christian Bach
University of Bridgeport
Theoretical Framework for Predicting Highly Active Zinc Finger Domains 346
4:50 Xiao Huang
Northeastern University
Droplet Impact Behaviors on Super-Hydrophobic Surface 346
Technology in the Classroom 3:50 Jaydeep Bardhan
Northeastern University
Making Computing Research Easy Using Free, Open-Source Software 435
4:10 Matthew Stein
Roger Williams University
Numerical Simulation as in Integral Component of Dynamics Problem Solving 435
4:30 Michael Davidson
Wentworth Institute of Technology
Integration of Software in Structural Engineering Education 435
4:50 open 435
Future Education Tools 3:50 – 5:10 Wiley Focus Group
Sponsored by wiley
Developing course materials that students value – a focus group with Wiley Publishing 440
K-12 Engineering Outreach 3:50 Sagar Kamarthi
Northeastern University
Engineering-Based Learning for High School STEM Teaching 444
4:10 Mohamad Musavi
University of Maine
An Environmental Science and Engineering Practice for High School Education 444
4:30 Robert Parkin
University of Massachusetts Lowell
Learning about Solar Angles from the Shadow Analemma 444
4:50 Ying Yu
University of Hartford
A pilot program for CETA student ambassadors 444

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Time Slot Authors Title CSC

333 CSC
8:50 — Session moved to May 2 at 9:30am in 320 CSC —
9:10 — Session moved to May 2 at 11:30am in 433 CSC —
9:30 — Session moved to May 1 at 4:50pm in 444 CSC —
9:50 — Session moved to May 2 at 9:50am in 320 CSC —
8:30 Paul Crilly
U.S. Coast Guard Academy
Teaching an Undergraduate Electromagnetics and Antennas Course Using A Hand-Held RF Analyzer – Engaged Learning 320
8:50 Benjamin D. McPheron
Roger Williams University
Audio and Vision Projects Augmenting a Studio Style Lab Experience in a Signal Processing Course 320
9:10 Tooran Emami
U.S. Coast Guard Academy
Computer Simulation Modeling of a Real System in an Undergraduate Computer Control Systems Laboratory 320
9:30 Sigrid Berka
University of Rhode Island
Complementing on-Campus Engineering Research Experiences with Tailored International Research Projects in Partner Universities and Internships in Industry Abroad 320
9:50 Michelle Stolzoff
Northeastern University
Engineering globalization: How to establish an international engineering undergraduate research exchange program 320
8:30 Abdulbast Abushgra
University of Bridgeport
Security of Quantum Key Distribution 433
8:50 Shurouq Almagati
University of Bridgeport
Social Media 433
9:10 Wafa Elmannai
University of Bridgeport
A Highly Portable Enhanced Password Protection Environment 433
9:30 Ruoxu Jia
University of Bridgeport
Simulation of Droplet Impingement on Solid Surface by the Level Set Method and Phase Field Method 433
9:50 open 433
8:30 open 435
8:50 Md Rashid
University of Massachusetts Lowell
Students’ Opinions on Online Assessments in an Introductory Course 435
9:10 Ashley Ater Kranov
Washington State University
Establishing the Convergent Validity of the Engineering Professional Skills Assessment Rubric 435
9:30 Md Rashid
University of Massachusetts Lowell
How to Make Our Syllabus More Effective to Student’s Learning Experience 435
9:50 Paul Crilly
U.S. Coast Guard Academy
Ensuring Attainment of ABET Criteria 4 and Maintaining Course Continuity for Programs with Moderate Faculty Turnover 435
8:30 Linfeng Zhang
University of Bridgeport
The Design and the Test of a PV Module Simulator 440
8:50 Mustafa Guvench
University of Southern Maine
Concentrated Solar Dual-Axis-Tracking Multi-Junction GaAs Photovoltaic System Design for Efficient Solar Energy Conversion 440
9:10 David W. Kraft
University of Bridgeport
The Mathematics of Nonrenewable Resource Depletion 440
9:30 John (Jack) Patterson
Norwich University
Experimental Use of Recycled Materials to Construct a Solar Water Heater 440
9:50 Minzhi Li
University of Bridgeport
Dynamic Prediction System of Calorific Value for Municipal Solid Waste Based on Hyper-heuristics 440
Biotechnology II
10:30 Sasan Haghani
University of the District of Columbia
The Design of Lower Limb Exoskeleton Device as an Accessory to Portable Harness Ambulatory System for Assisted Mobility 333
10:50 Ms Daud H Khan
University of Bridgeport
Lung Cancer Detection And Preliminary Analysis on CT Images Using Matlab 333
11:10 Peter Zeno
University of Bridgeport
Emulating the Functionality of Rodents’ Neurobiological Navigation and Spatial Cognition Cells in a Mobile Robot 333
11:30 Trinadh Venkata Swamy Naidu Venna
University of Bridgeport
Real-time robotic arm control with leap motion 333
11:50 Jian Zhang
University of Bridgeport
Study and computer-aided analysis artificial human wrist 333
21st Century
Curriculum II
10:30 Matt Eckelman
Northeastern University
Development of life cycle engineering case studies for ethics education 320
10:50 Hudson Jackson
U.S. Coast Guard Academy
Developing Ethical Engineers at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy: Integrating Courses, Co-Curricular Activities, and a Global Perspective 320
11:10 Walter Buchanan
Texas A&M University
Planning for a Health Care Technology Certificate 320
11:30 Nedim Vardar
Inter American University
Infusion of Nanotechnology Research and Teaching Into Undergraduate STEM Education at Inter American University of Puerto Rico, Bayamon Campus (IAUPRBC) 320
11:50 Elizabeth MH Garcia
U.S. Coast Guard Academy
Instructor-Developed Course Concept Maps Used to Contextualize Material 320
10:30 Paul Crilly
U.S. Coast Guard Academy
Academic Advising Is More than Attainment of ABET Criteria 1 433
10:50 Leonard Anderson
Wentworth Institute of Technology
External Collaborator/Mentor Requirement for Senior Capstone Engineering Design Courses 433
11:10 Anne van de Ven
Northeastern University
Outcomes of an interdisciplinary, dual-mentor doctoral training program 433
11:30 Felipe Pait
USP / Northeastern University
The Cordial Scientist 433
11:50 Open 433
10:30 Rohini Vemulapati
Fairfield University
Intake Music Organization Website 435
10:50 Wei Lu
Keene State College, USNH
Experiences with Profiling Hackers in Honeynet: Deployment and Analysis 435
11:10 John (Jack) Patterson
Norwich University
A Quantitative Forensic Investigation of Causal Factors which Impact Residential Structures during a Major Hurricane 435
11:30 Munif Alotaibi
University of Bridgeport
Automatic real time gait recognition 435
11:50 Naser Alajmi
University of Bridgeport
Selective Forwarding Attacks Detection in WSNs 435
and Website
10:30 Abdulrahman Aldhaheri
University of Bridgeport
Temporal Data Analysis for Events Detection in Social Media Data 440
10:50 Ramadhan Mstafa
University of Bridgeport
An Efficient Video Steganography Algorithm Based on BCH Codes 440
11:10 Advisor: Elif Kongar
University of Bridgeport
A Data Envelopment Analysis Approach to Evaluate the Efficiency of Service and Delivery Operations 440
11:30 Mohamed Ben Haj Frej
University of Bridgeport
Open-source Software: Adoption and Challenges 440