Poster Sessions

Poster Chair: Bala Maheswaran

Poster #

Submitting Author

Paper Title

Carnegie Mellon University

P99 Yuxin Wang Changing Risk of Brominated Trihalomethanes in Drinking Water from Elevated Bromide in Source Water

Daniel Webster College

P51 Meet Patel First Generation Supermile

Fairfield University

P81 Srenika Bachu JUHAN Learning System
P34 George Dibble Soil Steam Disinfestation
P17 Brielle Hoth Control Syatem For Quadcopter Targeting
P89 Vinisha Kotha Crisis simulation system
P22 Cody Pereira Design and Development of 3D Nickel Micro Foams for Effective Energy Utilization
P96 Yenny Rua SpinLeaf
P59 Raj Kiran Thota Netizen Writer
P67 Rohini Vemulapati Intake Music Organization Website

New York City College of Technology

P104 George Cheng Mobile Reconaissance Device
P28 Drake Li Andrew – Calorie Calculator Fitness Application
P18 Calvin Ly A digital piano designed using VHDL and FPGAs Device
P61 Ramandeep Singh Cryptosecurity of a Point-of-Sale Machine
P97 Yu Wang Elderly Independence


P8 Andrea Zatorski Side-Stream Enhanced Biological PhosphorusRemoval

Northeastern University

P58 Pierre Bhoorasingh Real behavior in a virtual lab for reactor design
P21 Christopher Puzzo Science the World: Developing Modules to Connect Real-World Concepts and Current Engineering Research to K-12 Education
P57 Nicholas Tooker Impact of Advanced Oxidation Processes on the Composition and Biodegradability of Soluble Organic Nutrients in Wastewater Effluents
P98 Yuqi Wang Phosphorus-Recovery From Waste Activated Sludge (WAS) In Enhanced Biological Phosphorus Removal (EBPR) Processes

Roger Williams University

P83 Taylor Betz Innovative Approach To Teaching Applied Structures Courses
P43 Kelsey Cintorino A Novel Double Modulated Feedback Reverberation Algorithm
P16 Brian Lee Real-time Reverberation Algorithms and Tests of Algorithm Goodness

Suffolk University

P49 Mathews Oliveira Joint activity between Suffolk University STEM freshmen and Boston Public School High Schools to encourage pursuit of STEM degrees

The College of New Jersey

P31 Eric Mauro Programmable Logic Controller based Embedded Quadratic Programming for input-constrained Internal Model Control
P25 Daniel Worts Autonomous Quadcopter

The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art

P86 Tyler DiStefano Reforming Engineering Education: An Experiential Approach to Control Systems Design and Building Sustainability

UMass Amherst Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

P15 Brendan Hickey Establishing a learning environment that stimulates self-motivation in an undergraduate engineering curriculum

University of Bridgeport

P107 Abdulbast Abushgra QKD initiated by the Authentication of EPR in 3 way channel
P75 Shakour Abuzneid A Classification for Access Control List To Speed Up Packet-Filtering Firewall
P77 Shakour Abuzneid Detection of Trojan horse by Analysis of System Behavior and Data Packets
P78 Shakour Abuzneid Hybrid cryptography using symmetric key encryption
P74 Shakour Abuzneid Improving Security Over IPv6 Authentication Header Protocol using IP Traceback And TTL
P76 Shakour Abuzneid Overview Of Energy Consumption In Wireless Sensor Network
P73 Shakour Abuzneid Secure Modules in TinyOS
P106 Sukainah Al Hajji Smart Techniques to Cure a Serious Neurological Disease (Brain Cancer)
P70 Salman Alarifi Piezoelectric Materials Based Scaffolds Fabrication for Cardiamyocyets Cell Growth
P115 Reem Alattas Application for Big Data Visualization using Google BigQuery and Google Charts
P116 Reem Alattas Detecting Bad Posture using Postuino among Engineering Graduate Students
P69 Salam Al-khammasi Design and Implementation of Self Learning Autonomous Robot Using Neural Networks under ROS (Robot Operating System) platform
P55 Mohammed Almadhi Theoretical Analysis of Transport and Diffusion of Mismatch Repair Proteins using Graphene/PPY Biosensor
P48 Marwah Almasri Collision Avoidance Algorithm for Multi-sensor Mobile Robot
P45 Khaled Almgren Weather Data Analysis using Hadoop to Mitigate Event Planning Disasters
P10 Ashish Aphale Graphene Based Nanocomposite Electrodes For Energy Storage In Supercapacitors
P12 Bayan Bawayan COMSOL Simulation of a Bio-MEMS Rotating Microfluidic Mixer
P20 Chibuike Chikezie Non-stop High-speed Interconnect for Digital Microfluid Biochip Integration
P85 Toufiqur Rahman Chowdhury Train Transportation of Digital Microfludic Droplets for Fast Manipulation
P53 Mohammad Daneshzand A Hyperbolic Model of Neuronal Spiking Patterns in Parkinson’s Disease
P54 Mohammad Daneshzand A superposed quantum model of brain spiking neurons
P60 Zhong Deng Signal Interference in Quantum-dot Celluar Autonata Circuit Design
P13 Bhushan Dharmadhikari Molecular Dynamics Computation of Surfactant protein-B Adsorption on charged carbon nanotube Surface
P1 Abubaker Elbaloshi Heat Transfer Enhancement in Solar Air Heaters using Artificial Roughened Elements
P56 Mohammed Eltaher User Profiling of Flickr: Integrating Multiple Types of Features for Gender Classification
P82 Sriharsha Gurram Design and Analysis of a MEMS Tunable Transformer
P80 Sk Hasan Hafizul Haque Automatic BioMEMS Smart Drug Delivery System
P79 Shengming Hui COMSOL Simulation of an Electroosmotic Microfluidic Mixer
P68 Ruoxu Jia Simulation of Droplet Impingement on Solid Surface by the Level Set Method and Phase Field Method
P112 Yuan Jin Micro-grid System Monitoring and Control
P50 MD Daud H Khan Functional Protein detection for DNA Mismatch Repair: A Novel Nano-biosensor for Cancer Diagnostics
P40 Janaki Kode polyfiberquant software tool for cell state perfection
P36 Harshilkumar Kothari Real time temperature reading to Control System
P100 Zakareya Lasefr A Survey on Epilepsy Seizure Detection Techniques using EEG signals
P101 Shamshad Lubna Fabrication of biodegradable hybrid pH meter from red cabbage extract
P111 Nihal Mander Fabrication of Graphene Oxide Nanofibrous Thin Film using Electrojet Spraying
P114 Andrew Martin Graphene and Nanoscale Fiber Bio-Sensing Platform For Early Cancer Detection
P90 Vipul Mera Structural Analysis of A GE Bracket Using Computer Aided Engineering By Applying The Load Conditions
P103 Syed Moizuddin Analysis of Aircraft Bracket using ANSYS and implementing Additive manufacturing technology
P108 Mahmoud M. Mujalled DBS (Deep Brain Stimulation) in Nano Scale
P109 Mahmoud M. Mujalled Parkinson’s Disease And How To Control The Tremor DBS (Deep Brain Stimulation)
P3 Alekhya Peesari A Novel Use Of Electrospinning For Nanopatterning Of Bio-Sequestered Iron Oxide Nanoparticles
P63 Ravi Teja Purra Reddy MEMS Piezoelectric Vibration Energy Harvester with Three-DOF Responses
P30 Edwin Divakaran Maria Selvaraj Design of Wrist Replacement Implant
P105 Ibrahim Shehadeh Improvement of Car Aerodynamics using Reverse Engineering, CAE and Rapid Prototyping
P93 Wu Shi Design of Fault-tolerant Quantum-Dot Cellular Automata Full Adder
P94 Wu Shi Network computational analysis way for SOC estimation of lead acid rechargeable batteries
P62 Ranvir Shinde Signal Detection And Anti-Collision System Using ARM 7
P37 Zixun Tong Miniaturized PM2.5 Particulate Sensor Based on Optical Sensing
P102 Trinadh Venkata Swamy Naidu Venna Real-time robotic arm control with leap motion
P110 Peter Zeno Emulating the Functionality of Rodents’ Neurobiological Navigation and Spatial Cognition Cells in a Mobile Robot
P95 Xuan Zhang A Modified Monte-Carlo (Power Depletion Simulation) Method by PSPICE
P19 Ce Zheng Dual-axis MEMS Accelerometer with T-shape Beams
P113 Jie Zhou Analysis Precipitation Data to Seek Good Places for Farm
P42 Junyi Zou COMSOL Simulation of a BioMEMS Disease-diagnostic Lab-on-a-Chip Device

University of Massachusetts Boston

P32 Erik Young Building Grandparent-Grandchild Relationships with an Interactive Networked Device

University of Massachusetts Lowell

P23 Connor Sullivan Developing and Exploring the Commercialization Potential of a Novel Voltammetric Sensor

University of New Haven

P35 Hana Alzahrani Virtualization
P72 Santoshikalyani Balasubramanian Performance Evaluation Between Hadoop and Relational Database
P11 Avik Bhattarai UNH’s Private Cloud
P9 Anthony Mastromarino Aerodynamic Study of a Ballute using Computational Fluid Dynamics

Wentworth Institute of Technology

P27 Davis Asare Radio Array Telescope
P64 Robert Beatrice Computer Based Speech Therapy System using Game Modality for Children
P14 Bickingham Brise Freedom Wheelchair for Haitian Disabled People
P44 Kevin Bui Design a Skeletal Muscle using SolidWorks
P7 Allison C. Sirois Utilization of a Temperature Modulated Pressure in a Gas Piston to Operate a Door Vent for Natural Ventilation
P91 William Dempsey Rehabilitation System for Pusher Syndrome in Stroke Victims
P87 Tyler Frasca Electromyographic Control for a Telerobotic Human Computer Interface
P24 Daniel Garcia Development and Design of a Tack Inspection-Sorting System
P92 William Giasson Non-Aqueous Thermoelectric Zero-point Reference System
P39 Jamie Giglio Alkali Silica Research
P5 Alexander Hartung A New Age, a New Approach
P88 Vian Khalaf Supplemental Oxygen Therapy Monitoring System
P66 Roger Larrabee Multisensory Keyboard Therapy System
P47 Lucas LeBorgne Smart Lock
P26 David Lockhart Indoor 3D Location Tracking for Emergency Responders
P84 Tinh Mai Drum in Step Training System
P65 Robert Martin Improvements to the Green Line
P4 Alex Mazzone In-Home RFID Monitoring
P52 Michael Morotto Blood Pressure Measuring Sensor for Wearable Application
P6 Allan Rodas Diabetic Monitoring Device in a Wearable Watch Form
P71 Arun Sai Analysis of Call Data Record (CDR) using Hadoop Cluster
P38 Heather Saroch Robotic Snow Removal
P41 Joseph Schiller Silver Trace Sintering Device
P33 Gabriela Todorova Tactile Display Technologies for Visually Impaired
P29 Dylan Vaughan Friction-less Axle
P46 Kirsten Wilde Erosion Mitigation and Boardwalk Structure Design for the Proposed Renovations of Squantum Point Park
P2 Aiden Yao RFID Room Locator