Selected Publications

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Journal Publications

Rodgers, R. F., Lowy, A. S.*, Kodama, E.*, & Bujold, H. #beautyunedited: Is labeling unedited selfies helpful for body image and mood among young women? Body image, in press.

Rodgers, R. F., & Laveway, K.  Retouchée au féminin: The gendered nature of the French law mandating labeling of digitally modified images. Law and Gender Issues, in press.

Negowetti, N., Ambwani, S., Karr, S., Rodgers, R. F., & Austin, S. B. Digging Up the Dirt on ‘Clean’ Dietary Labels: Public Health Considerations and Opportunities for Increased Federal Oversight. International Journal of Eating Disorders, in press. 

Danthinne, E.*, Giorgianni, F. E.*, Kanako, A.*, & Rodgers, R. F. 真の美しさ: Effects of a body-positive video on body image and capacity to mitigate exposure to social media images. British Journal of Health Psychology, in press.

Ando, K.*, Giorgianni, F.*, Danthinne, E.*, & Rodgers, R. F. (2021). Beauty ideals, social media, and body positivity: A qualitative investigation of influences on body image among young women in Japan. Body image, 28, 358-369.

Rodgers, R. F., Paxton, S. J., & Wertheim, E. H. (2021). #Take idealized bodies out of the picture: A scoping review of social media content aiming to protect and promote positive body image. Body Image, 38, 10-36. 

Rodgers, R. F., Fischer, L., Dubois, R.*, Naab, P.*, & Franko, D. (2021). Development and validation of the Sociocultural Influences on Fear of Fat Scale (SIFAT). Body Image37, 181-187 

Linardon, J., Anderson, C., Messer, M., Rodgers, R. F., &  Fuller-Tyszkiewicz, M. Body image flexibility and its correlates: a meta-analysis. (2021). Body Image, 37, 188-203 

White, M.*, Berry, R.* Sharma, A.*, & Rodgers, R. F. (2021). A qualitative investigation of Orthorexia Nervosa among U.S. college students: Characteristics and sociocultural influences. Appetite, 162, 105168.

Rodgers, R. F., Simone, M., Franko, D. L., Eisenberg, M. E., Loth, K., & Neumark-Sztainer, D. The longitudinal relationship between family and peer teasing in young adulthood and later unhealthy weight control behaviors: The mediating role of body image. International Journal of Eating Disorders, in press.

Rodgers. R. F., Lombardo, C., Cerolini, S. Franko, D. F., Omori, M., Linardon, J., Guillaume, S., Fischer, L.*, & Fuller-Tyszkiewicz. (2021). “Waste not and stay at home” evidence of decreased food waste during the COVID-19 pandemic from the U.S. and Italy. Appetite, in press.

Rodgers, R. F., Ziff, S., Lowy, A.*, Austin, S. B. (2021). Fashion industry policies and legislation in France to reduce risk for eating disorders and sexual victimization: Eating and health behaviors during New York Fashion Week February 2018. International Journal of Eating Disorders, in press.

Schaefer, L. M., Rodgers, R. F., Thompson, J. K., & Griffiths, S. A test of the Tripartite Influence Model of disordered eating among men. Body Image, in press.

Rodgers, R. F., Mika White*, & Rachel Berry*. (2021). Orthorexia nervosa, intuitive eating, and eating  competence in female and male college students. Eating and Weight Disorders, in press.

Berry, R.,* Rodgers, R. F., & Campagna, J.* (2021) Outperforming iBodies: A conceptual framework integrating body performance self-tracking technologies with body image and eating concerns. Sex Roles, 85, 1-12.

Rodgers, R. F., Ziff, S., Lowy, A. S.*, Austin, S. B. (2020). Stakeholder attitudes towards fashion policy in the U.S.: Strategic research for the protection of models and prevention of body image and eating concerns. Critical Public Health, in press.

Rodgers, R. F., Fuller-Tyszkiewicz, M., Markey, C., Granero-Gallegos, A., Sicilia, A., Caltabiano, M., … & Maïano, C. (2020). Psychometric properties of measures of sociocultural influence and internalization of appearance ideals across eight countries. Body Image, 35, 300-315.

Rodgers, R. F., McLean, S. A., Gordon, C., Slater, A., Marques, M., Jarman, H. K., & Paxton, S. (2020). Development and validation of the Motivations for Social Media Use Scale (MSMU) among adolescents. Adolescent Research Review, in press.

Burke, N. L., Schaefer, L. M., Hazzard, V.M., & Rodgers, R. F. (2020). Where identities converge: the importance of intersectionality in eating disorders research. International Journal of Eating Disorders 53(10), 1605-1609.

Matsumoto, A.*, & Rodgers, R. F. (2020). A review and integrated theoretical model of the development of body image and eating disorders among midlife and aging men. Clinical Psychology Review, 101903.

Giorgianni, F.*, Danthinne, E.*, & Rodgers, R. F. (2020). Consumer warning versus systemic change: The effects of including disclaimer labels on images that have or have not been digitally modified on body image. Body Image34, 249-258.

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Rodgers, R. F., Campagna, J.*, Attawala, R.*, Richard, C.*, Kakfa, C.*, & Rizzo, C. (2019). In the eye of the swiper: a preliminary analysis of the relationship between dating app use and dimensions of body image. Eating and Weight Disorders-Studies on Anorexia, Bulimia and Obesity, 1-5.

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Rodgers, R.F., Kruger, L., Lowy, A.*, Long, S*, & Richards, C.* (2019). Getting Real about body image: a qualitative investigation of the usefulness of the Aerie Real campaign. Body Image, 30, 127-134.

Dafferner, M.*, Campagna, J.*, & Rodgers, R. F. (2019). Making gains: hypermuscularity and objectification of male and female Olympic athletes in Sports Illustrated across 60 years. Body Image, 29, 156-160.

Rodgers, R. F., Berry, R.*, & Franko, D. L. (2018). Eating disorders in ethnic minorities: An update. Current Psychiatry Reports, 20, 90.

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Zimmerman, E., Rodgers, R. F., O’Flynn, J.*, & Bourdeau, A. (2019). Weight-related concerns as barriers to exclusive breastfeeding at six months. Journal of Human Lactation, 35 (2), 284–291. 

Sonneville, K., & Rodgers, R. F. (2019). Shared concerns and opportunity for joint action in creating a food environment that supports health. Nutrients,11(1), 41.

Book Chapters

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