Amy S. Lu / Principal Investigator, PhD, UNC-Chapel Hill / studies the persuasive mechanism of media and communication technologies and their health behavioral and psychological applications. She is also interested in narratives and virtual media characters in animation and video games and their potential health application. E: a dot lu AT northeastern dot edu

Research Staff

Caio Victor Sousa (Ph.D., UCB) / Postdoctoral Research Associate / has been working with master athletes investigating the biomolecular mechanisms of cellular ageing and how lifestyle can change that. He is experienced with physical assessments and exercise training in people with type 2 diabetes, hypertension, HIV, and advanced age. He enjoys performance data analysis of endurance sports for elite and amateur athletes and has great interests in new methods and technologies that could increase people's adherence to exercise programs. In his free time he enjoys working out, swimming, cycling, and running. E: c dot sousa AT northeastern dot edu
Dar Alon / Research Assistant / is a recent graduate from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, with a BS in Biology. She is interested in pursuing pediatrics, specifically focusing on child development and external factors that can hinder development. In her free time, Dar enjoys exploring the Boston brunch scene, going to museums, reading, and playing the piano. E: d dot alon AT northeastern dot edu
Aleksandra Baran / Research Assistant / is currently pursuing a BS in Biochemistry and a minor in Psychology at Northeastern University. She is interested in how environmental stressors influence child development. She hopes to go to medical school and work in pediatrics. In her free time, she enjoys listening to music, studying languages, and exploring Boston. E: baran dot a AT northeastern dot edu
Kelly Lee / Research Assistant / is currently pursuing her Bachelor's of Science in Biology at Northeastern University. She is interested in the application of technology in healthcare, neuroscience, pediatrics, and orthopedics. She hopes to go on to medical school to serve those in need. Outside of academics and research, she loves to dance, walk, and explore all the things that Boston has to offer. E: lee dot kel AT northeastern dot edu
Apoorva Manjunath / Research Assistant / is currently pursuing her Masters in Computer Science at Northeastern University. She likes to work at the intersection of technology and various fields like health, business and creativity. Being a polyglot full-stack programmer with four years of professional experience, she is an open-source enthusiast and likes to build smarter solutions. Apoorva is interested in areas like Algorithms, Distributed Systems and Data. When not coding, she likes to travel, cook, enjoy music and explore new places. E: manjunath dot ap AT northeastern dot edu W: https://apoorvam.github.io/
Emma McGarrity / Research Assistant / is currently pursuing a BS in Health Sciences with a minor in Psychology at Northeastern University on the pre-medical track. She is interested in pediatrics with a focus on sports medicine for early intervention and diagnosis of injuries in athletes. When not studying, Emma enjoys traveling around the country, going on runs, and finding new places to eat around Boston. E: mcgarrity dot e AT northeastern.edu   
Victoria Pelarski / Research Assistant / is a 5th year at Northeastern University pursuing her BS in Health Sciences with minors in biology, global health, and Spanish. She's interested in health disparities, epidemiology and infectious diseases and plans to apply to graduate school for her MPH. In her free time, she enjoys practicing Hindi and Spanish, watching movies, and travelling. E: pelarski dot v AT northeastern dot edu  
Neha Swaminathan / Research Assistant / is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s in Behavioral Neuroscience and a minor in Philosophy at Northeastern University on the pre-medical track. She is interested in the application of technology in neuroscience and general healthcare studies. As advocacy lead for NEU’s Partners In Health engage team, she is able to fight for equitable and just healthcare all around the world. In her free time, she loves to travel, enjoy music, and discover new places. E: swaminathan dot n at northeastern dot edu

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Current Collaborators

Tom Baranowski, PhD Baylor College of Medicine
Tiago Barreira, PhD Syracuse University
Stefan Carp, PhD Massachusetts General Hospital / Harvard Medical School
Melanie Green, PhD University at Buffalo
Qianqian Fang, PhD Northeastern University
Amy Fleischman, MD, MMSc Boston Children's Hospital / Harvard Medical School
Charles Hillman, PhD Northeastern University
I-Min Lee, ScD Brigham and Women’s Hospital / Harvard Medical School
Sarah Lessard, PhD Joslin Diabetes Center / Harvard Medical School
Lynne Levitsky, MD Massachusetts General Hospital / Harvard Medical School
Farzad Noubary, PhD Northeastern University
Dimitrios Pantazis, PhD McGovern Institute for Brain Research / MIT
Deborah Thompson, PhD USDA-ARS / Baylor College of Medicine
... ...

Alumni (UR=Undergraduate RA/GR=Graduate RA/PD=Postdoc: Next position)

    Andrés Hoyos-Céspedes (GR) 2016-8
Kexing He (UR: MA@NYU) 2020 Jessica Peck (GR) 2016-7
Kyung Jin Sun (GR: Bristol Myers Squibb) 2019-20 Adam Michalowski (UR: Medullan) 2016-7
Romina Cabrera-Perez (UR) 2019-20 Harley Edge (UR) 2016-7
Cindy Zhao (UR) 2019-20 Borna Fatehi (GR) 2016-7
Aika Misawa (GR) 2019-20 Molly Lenane (GR) 2017
Sabrina Zhou (UR) 2019-20 Nicholas DePina (UR) 2017
Austin Fernandez (UR: MA@Vanderbilt) 2017-20 Lola Akingbade (UR: MedSchl@UChi) 2017
Kelsey Newhook (GR) 2019 Haomu Chen (UR) 2017
Divyavijay Sahay (GR: Google) 2018-9 Tom Culman (UR) 2017
Nicolas Raymond (UR: BIDMC/HMS) 2019 Lin Qi (UR: MA@USC) 2016-7
Jungyun Hwang (PD: Stanford) 2016-9 Malcolm Matheson (UR: BCH/HMS) 2016-7
Gabriel García Combs Morris (UR) 2019 Elise Krims (UR: Harvard) 2016
Julia Fanelli (UR) 2019 Ha Eun Yang (UR) 2016
Jasmine Chee (GR: BCYF) 2018-9 Taylor Murphy (UR: Starry) 2014-6
Samantha Gutiérrez-Arango (UR: MIT) 2017-9 Grace Morris (GR: U Connecticut) 2015
Menwon Krua (UR) 2018 Kevin Cannon (UR: Paidia) 2014-5
Zachary Woessner (UR: PhD@MSU) 2016-8 Neal Foley (UR) 2014-5
Heloisa Alves (PD: UMASS-D) 2017-8 John Thomas Hinchen (UR: Flex) 2014-5
Samantha Dube (UR) 2018 Jessical Kim (UR) 2014
Mie Hashimoto (GR: T1D Exchange) 2017-8 Joseph Alden Moore (UR: Flex) 2014
Michael Williams (GR: Rapid7) 2018 Andrew He (UR: Horizon Pharma) 2014
Sarah Hazlitt (UR) 2018 Alexander James Baker (UR) 2013-4
Victoria Pelarski (UR) 2018 Mitchell Robert Perkins (UR) 2013-4
Miranda Prasad (UR: Intuit) 2017-8 Peter Karalis (UR: MedSchl@UIC) 2013-4
Vivian Cheng (UR) 2017-8 Wayne Xun (UR: CS@Northwestern) 2013-4
Hannah Doolittle (GR: Cape Cod Hospital) 2017-8 Adrianna Rodriguez (UR: Telemundo) 2013-4