Master’s Students

Adwait Oka 
AdwaitHe completed his Bachelor’s in Pharmacy from MGV’s Pharmacy College (affiliated to University of Pune, India) in 2011 and is currently pursuing his Masters in Biomedical Sciences (Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery Track) at Northeastern University, Boston. He joined the Lab Group In February 2013 and his Thesis is centered on Nano-system based Macrophage Repolarization as a Strategy for Cancer Therapeutics. Linkedin


Srujan Kumar Gandham 
SrujanSrujan has completed his Bachelors in Pharmacy (Honors) from Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, India in 2011. During his senior year of undergraduate course work, he worked as an intern and subsequently as an Associate Consultant with Orbees Medical, a San Francisco based medical device consulting firm. He joined Northeastern University in 2012 for his MS and is currently working on his thesis project focused on tumor glycolysis in 3-D Tumor spheroid models and evaluation of nanoparticle-based drug delivery systems for targeting glycolysis. Linkedin


Purva Pandya 
PurvaShe completed her Bachelor’s in Pharmacy from A.R. College of Pharmacy, Gujarat, India in 2011 and is currently pursuing her Masters in Pharmaceutical Sciences (Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery) at Northeastern University, Boston. The focus of her thesis is Magnetic nanoparticles as a tool for oligonucleotide conjugation and microRNA harvesting for Cancer Diagnostics. Linkedin




Nishit Patel 
Nishit PatelNishit received his Bachelors degree in Pharmacy from Principal K. M. Kundnani College of Pharmacy, University of Mumbai, India. He is currently pursuing his Masters in Pharmaceutical Sciences with Pharmaceutics & Drug Delivery Systems as his major. His work in Dr. Amiji’s laboratory is focused on synthesis and characterization of targeted polymeric nanosystems and their in vitro evaluation on drug sensitive and resistant cancer cells.