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  • Online publication video featuring Jing Xu embedjove.php?id=3612
  • CT scan of rat induced with arthritis 
  • Qualitative evaluation of arthritis in male Lewis rats via MRI-forelimbs
  • Qualitative evaluation of arthritis in male Lewis rats via MRI-hindlimbs
  • Shardool’s beam walk experiment :Combined Video Sequence showing the animal mobility profile of the control and macrophage targeted nanoparticles, containing IL-10 plasmid DNA, upon administration in male Lewis rats at day 17, post-arthritis induction. (A) Naïve Rat (No Arthritis), (B) Arthritic Rat-No Treatment, (C) Scrambled-peptide modified nanoparticle treatment, (D). Tuftsin-peptide modified nanoparticle treatment.  The tests revealed that tuftsin-peptide nanoparticle treatment led to complete alleviation in inflammation. As a result these animals were able to traverse the entire length of the beam in about 3 seconds whereas the arthritic animals (without treatment) and scrambled modified nanoparticle treated rats struggled to balance themselves on the beam”