Team Members


Akram Alshawabkeh, PhD, PE
Snell Professor of Engineering
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Associate Research Scientist

Long Chen, PhD
Research Focus: drinking water disinfection and groundwater electro-decontamination
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 Admin and Research Staff


Lura Slowinski
Program Manager
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Sarah Corley
Public Health Specialist
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Alessandra Bryant
Administrative Assistant
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Visiting Scholars

ShadiShadi Hamdan
Research Focus: Studying the potential of using the electrokinetic fences against seawater intrusion; modeling of electrokinetic phenomena; hydrology; soil  and groundwater remediation
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Wei Zhou
Research Focus: Hydrogen Peroxide Electro-generation; Electro-Fenton System; Effective Utilization of Hydroxyl Radicals; Nitric Oxide Oxidation by Fenton Based System
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Eduardo Mateus, PhD
Research Focus: chromatographic techniques, development of sample preparation methodologies for the characterization of complex biological and environmental matrices, environmental and pollutants analysis, chemical ecology and monitoring of remediation processes
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Alexandra Ribeiro
Research Focus: electro-remediation, the removal of inorganic and organic contaminants from soil, CCA and creosote treated wood waste, mine waste, sludge, municipal solid waste incinerators fly ash, aiming the valorization of the solids and the liquids (electrolytes), with nutrient recovering
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Yunfei Xue
Research Focus: Electrolytic control of H2O2 release from CaO2; Fenton based remediation
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PhD/Masters Students

Shirin HojarbiShirin Hojabri
Research Focus: Groundwater modeling; electrochemical remediation of groundwater; electrochemical oxidation and reduction reactions; modeling of reactions during the electrochemical treatment process.
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YZhaoYuwei Zhao
Research Focus: Photocatalytic groundwater treatment; photocatalytic activities of titania nanotube; electrochemical groundwater treatment
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Patrick Compton
Research Focus: electrochemical reactions utilizing a wide variety of experimental methods to remove contaminants in groundwater
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Former Team Members