Team Members


Akram Alshawabkeh, PhD, PE
Snell Professor of Engineering
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Associate Research Scientist

WP_20140928_18_11_54_Raw__highresNTLjiljana Rajic, PhD
Research Focus: Electrochemical groundwater treatment;  electrochemical oxidation and reduction processes; trichloroethylene and perfluoro compounds removal from groundwater
Contact Info: l.rajic@neu.eduLinkedIn profile.


Long Chen, PhD
Research Focus: drinking water disinfection and groundwater electro-decontamination
Contact Info: lo.chen@northeastern.eduLinkedIn profile.





 Admin and Research Staff


Lura Slowinski
Program Coordinator
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Elle Russell

Elle Russell
Staff Assistant, Communications Specialist
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Victor Florea
Public Health Specialist
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Visiting Scholars

ShadiShadi Hamdan
Research Focus: Studying the potential of using the electrokinetic fences against seawater intrusion; modeling of electrokinetic phenomena; hydrology; soil  and groundwater remediation
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Wei Zhou
Research Focus: Hydrogen Peroxide Electro-generation; Electro-Fenton System; Effective Utilization of Hydroxyl Radicals; Nitric Oxide Oxidation by Fenton Based System
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PhD/Masters Students

Shirin HojarbiShirin Hojabri
Research Focus: Groundwater modeling; electrochemical remediation of groundwater; electrochemical oxidation and reduction reactions; modeling of reactions during the electrochemical treatment process.
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YZhaoYuwei Zhao
Research Focus: Photocatalytic groundwater treatment; photocatalytic activities of titania nanotube; electrochemical groundwater treatment
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Koosha Kalhor
Research Focus: Groundwater Modeling and Hydrology, Surface Water and Groundwater Interactions
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Amir Taqieddin
Research Focus: Multiphase flow, gas evolving & fluid dynamics in electrochemical reactions ; thermal effects on electrochemical reactions; electrochemical oxidization & reduction processes
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Kimberly Hetrick
Research Focus: Electrochemical Groundwater Remediation
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Former Team Members