March 2019 Spotlight


Routes Spotlight: Kaleigh McAlaine

Kaleigh McAlaine is a fourth year Environmental Engineering student with a minor in Marine Biology at Northeastern University, and recently completed her co-op with ROUTES in December 2018. During her co-op, Kaleigh worked under the mentorship of ROUTES & PROTECT Director Akram Alshawabkeh, participating in his research on the development of groundwater remediation technologies at the laboratory and pilot scale, as a part of Project 5 research within the PROTECT Center. Kaleigh brings a passion to learn more about the intersection of public and environmental health and the ways research and science can improve community and environmental well-being into all of the work she does. This passion sparked while participating in study abroad in New Zealand, where she collaborated with a local Māori community to help address water availability, economic independence, and reliable energy in a sustainable way.

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