Math 4545 - Fourier Series and PDEs

This is a first course in partial differential equations, introducing a number of fundamental tools and solving techniques. Topics may include: Fourier series and Sturm-Liouville problems; the heat, wave, and Laplace equations; separation of variables techniques; eigenfunction expansions; Fourier and Laplace transforms; Green's functions.

Instructor: Alina Marian,, office in 557 Lake Hall.

Lectures: Mon & Thurs 11:45-1:25 pm, YMCA 110.

Office hours: Mon & Wed 5-6 pm.

Grader: Jacob Wolfsberg,

Textbook: Solution Techniques for Elementary Partial Differential Equations, by Christian Costanda.

Exams: There will be one midterm exam, one final exam, and occasional quizzes.

Prerequisites: Familiarity with multivariable calculus, linear algebra, and ordinary differential equations.

Homework: There will be weekly problem sets, due Thursday in class.