Math 1365 - Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning

This course will develop the ability to follow and write complete mathematical arguments.

Instructor: Alina Marian,, office in 557 Lake Hall.

Lectures: Mon, Wed, Thurs 1:35-2:40 pm, Shillman Hall 415.

Office hours: Mon & Wed 5-6 pm.

Grader: Siddhartha Pant,

Textbooks: Proof in Mathematics: An Introduction, by Albert Daoud and James Franklin; Discrete Mathematics, by Norman Biggs.

Exams: There will be one midterm exam, one final exam, and occasional quizzes.

Grades: Homework and quizzes (35 percent), Midterm (25 percent), Final Exam (40 percent).

Homework: There will be weekly problem sets, due Thursday in class.