Ajay Satpute – Ph.D., Lab Director

Ajay Satpute

Curriculum Vitae

email: a.satpute@northeastern.edu

I am an assistant professor at Northeastern University in the psychology and neuroscience departments and director of the ABSLAB.  The main focus of our lab is to understand how people classify their subjective experiences into socially meaningful categories, and particularly those relating to affect (e.g. ‘pleasantness’) and emotion (e.g. ‘anger’ or ‘sadness’). A long-term goal of my work is to enable predictions–using neuroscience–for the kinds of categories people use to describe their experience.  This may help us understand what another person’s subjective experience is like (i.e. bridging the subjectivity gap), and may also help inform questions of enduring theoretical interest, such as, when do people’s subjective experiences match their behavioral decisions, and whether and how our categories also shape perception experience. To address these questions, our lab uses behavioral techniques couple with neuroimaging techniques, ranging from high-resolution functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) at 7 Tesla to ambulatory imaging using functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS).

Kent Lee – Post-doctorate

email: kentml19@gmail.com

I am a postdoc in the lab. I am interested in studying how representations of bodily states (affect) and prior experiences (concept knowledge) combine to form emotions, attitudes, perceptions and other socially-relevant mental phenomena using social cognitive, psychophysiological, and neuroimaging methods.

Kieran McVeigh – Lab Manager

email: kieran.mcveighc@gmail.com

I am from Middlesex, Vermont.  I am broadly interested in Psychological Constructivism, particularly the biological and psychological effects of different conceptualizations of the same sensation, how malleable existing conceptualizations are, and the ways one’s body’s state affects cognition.  I am also an avid surfer, skier, and rock climber.

Yiyu Wang – Graduate Student

email: wang.yiyu@husky.neu.edu

I graduated with a B.S in Psychology from the University of Washington. After graduation, I worked for one year as a research assistant at the Stanford Social Neuroscience Lab. I am interested in combining computational modeling and neuroimaging to study the neural basis of affective and cognitive processes. I am particularly interested in the neural representations that give rise to subjective experiences.

Katarina Radisic – Undergraduate Student

email: radisic.k@husky.neu.edu

I am a second-year Behavioral Neuroscience and Journalism student at Northeastern. I am interested in fear and decision making and emotion. I hope to attend medical school and perform some type of science-related broadcasting or writing in the future. In my free time, I enjoy volunteering as an EMT, traveling, and skiing.

Victoria Pajak – Undergraduate Student

email: pajak.v@husky.neu.edu

I am a second-year undergrad student studying Behavioral Neuroscience. I joined the lab as a volunteer in my first semester at Northeastern and have been involved ever since. I am interested in affective neuroscience and how fear is manifest in the brain. In my free time, I enjoy cooking, sailing, and being outdoors!

Aditi Lohe – Undergraduate Student

email: aditi.lohe@gmail.com

I am Sophomore pursuing a major in Cognitive Psychology and Computer Science with a minor in Graphic Design at Northeastern University. I have been a part of the Affective Brain Sciences lab for the past year and I am currently working on the project studying Social Prediction. I am also interested in studying how people tend to distribute fear.

Alia Newman-Boulle – Undergraduate Student

email: newman-boulle.a@husky.neu.edu

Maya Sundel – Undergraduate Student

email: sundel.m@husky.neu.edu