Graduate student


Research Interests
My research focus at the Lewis Lab is natural product antibiotic discovery — developing new platforms to screen environmental strains for the production of therapeutically useful compounds, and the downstream characterization of those we identify. Due to the rise of resistant pathogens and the lack of novel leads in the development pipeline, the need for new antimicrobials that combat these infections is a large area of public health concern. I have a great interest in discovering compounds effective against Gram Negative pathogens, those most difficult for drugs to penetrate.

Smarter Screening –> Overlooked Microbes & their Metabolites –> Save the Universe

I enjoy cooking, playing with my cat (Mochi), camping, board games, & spending time with close friends.

My prior research at the Reid Lab at Bryant University involved characterizing cell wall autolysins from Clostridium difficile, primarily CD1034, a member of the poorly understood glycosyl hydrolase family 73.