The Boston Action Club

The Boston Action Club presents a forum of interactive meetings on movement neuroscience for researchers in the Boston area. The series of talks is interdisciplinary bringing together presenters and audience from such disparate fields as Biology, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science, Psychology and Cognitive Science, Physics, and Kinesiology. The presentations are held in a highly interactive style, followed by more interactions in social gatherings.

Spring 2018

Location: 306 Egan Research Center, Northeastern University
Time: Thursdays, 5-6:30pm

January 18 Randy Trumbower
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Spaulding
"Acute intermittent hypoxia: a breath-taking approach to restore function after spinal cord injury"
February 15 Karen Adolph
Psychology, New York University
"Learning to move and moving to learn"
Abstract | Video
March 22 Steve Scott
Neuroscience, Queen's University
"Faster than a blink of an eye: fast feedback processing for voluntary motor control"
April 5 Sangbae Kim
Mechanical Engineering, MIT
"MIT Cheetah robot: a new design paradigm for physical interaction"
April 26 James Monaghan
Neurobiology, Northeastern University
"Neuroplasticity during CNS and limb regeneration in a salamander"

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