The Boston Action Club

The Boston Action Club presents a forum of interactive meetings on movement neuroscience for researchers in the Boston area. The series of talks is interdisciplinary bringing together presenters and audience from such disparate fields as Biology, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science, Psychology and Cognitive Science, Physics, and Kinesiology. The presentations are held in a highly interactive style, followed by more interactions in social gatherings.

Fall 2018

Location: 306 Egan Research Center, Northeastern University
Time: Thursdays, 5-6:30pm

September 20 Gabe Nelson and Shervin Talebi
Boston Dynamics
"Exploiting dynamics to improve mobility and balance at Boston Dynamics"
October 11 David Lin
Neurology, Massachusetts General Hospital, BrainGate
"Stroke Motor Recovery: Insights from Neural Structure and Function to Inform Health Systems"
October 25 Lisa Barrett
Psychology, Northeastern University
"From essences to predictions: A brain-based understanding of emotion"
November 8 Madhusudhan Venkasedan
Mechanical Engineering, Yale University
"On form and function of feet and fins"
December 13 Cara Lewis and Sandra Shefelbine
Cara: Associate Professor in Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation Science, and Medicine, Boston University
Sandra: Associate Professor in Mechanical Engineering and Bioengineering, Northeastern University
"Hip pain and femoroacetabular impingement syndrome: what?s really happening?"

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